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CP025: Sexy on spreadsheet, Ugly on Printout

Published on Nov 6, 2014 in Chandoo.org Podcast Sessions
CP025: Sexy on spreadsheet, Ugly on Printout

In the 25th session of Chandoo.org podcast, let’s learn how to avoid SSUP syndrome.

What is in this session?

Most of us suffer from Sexy on the Spreadsheet, Ugly on Printout syndrome. I used to suffer from it too. This happens because we spend all our attention creating that perfect workbook, report or model. And then, we forget about making the proper print settings.

In this podcast, let’s understand how to create awesome workbooks that look great and print great.

In this podcast, you will learn,

  • Frozen & Cars, where my free time goes
  • Primer on print settings
    • Width & height of printouts
    • Page breaks
    • Row & column repetitions on every page
    • Size & orientation of paper
  • Dealing with unprintables
  • Proofing your print settings
  • Printing whats not on screen
  • Closing thoughts
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Hui’s Excel Report Printer

Published on Sep 14, 2011 in Excel Howtos, Huis, Posts by Hui, VBA Macros
Hui’s Excel Report Printer

Do you enjoy printing complex spreadsheets with multiple pages with different print ranges and different setups on each page for different people who have different requirements ?

If the answer is No…

This post may save your day and change your life.

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Printing Excel Reports via a Word Document

Published on Feb 17, 2011 in Excel Howtos, Posts by Hui
Printing Excel Reports via a Word Document

Transferring data regularly between Excel and Word for the production of Word based forms or reports cab be tedious if it involves much more than a few numbers.
This post looks at a technique for automating this process.

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Most bizarre print ads – Indian version

Published on Jun 23, 2008 in Analytics, India, wonder why

Time for another look at print ads, this time for the most bizarre of them all. Mind you, these are not awful or plain lousy ads, for any column-centimeter worth its area has a fair share of lousy ads, these are simply bizarre ads, the kind that will make you go – WTF? The first […]

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Few good Indian print ads – horlicks, maggi, zandu balm and head & shoulders

Published on Apr 3, 2008 in advertising, business, ideas

Most of the time doing a print advertisement is much more difficult than doing a normal video ad, the creativity is limited to a rectangle on the paper and no matter how much effort is spent on the ad, your audience may not even look at it for more than a split second. Only very […]

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Sweet Nothings

Published on Nov 14, 2006 in advertising, business

Today is World Diabetes Day and I saw this wonderful ad from Horlicks in Hindu. Image Courtesy: Hindu ePaper

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