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CP042: Financial Analysis & Modeling concepts – 101

Published on Aug 13, 2015 in Chandoo.org Podcast Sessions, Financial Modeling
CP042: Financial Analysis & Modeling concepts – 101

In the 42nd session of Chandoo.org podcast, Let’s talk about money. We are going to learn about various concepts that are vital for doing financial analysis and building models.

What is in this session?

In this podcast,

  • Quick announcement about Awesome August
  • 5 key finance concepts
    • Time value of money
    • Compound interest
    • Risk free rate of return
    • Net Present Value – NPV
    • Internal Rate of Return – IRR
  • Case study – Uber vs. Your car
  • Conclusions
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NPV() function to calculate Present Value

Published on Jul 5, 2011 in Financial Modeling, Learn Excel
NPV() function to calculate Present Value

Today, let us learn how to use NPV() function in Excel & create a simple financial model.

If you are dealing with cash and valuations, you are bound to have come across the NPV function. If you don’t know the assumptions behind the same, I bet it could cost you your job!

Let’s take a simple project – You buy a MSFT stock for USD 100. You receive a dividend of USD 10 in the first year, USD 20 in the second year, USD 40 in the third year and then you sell it out for USD 140. If you could have alternatively put this money in bank at 10% interest rate, have you gained anything?

How do you model this in excel? In this tutorial we understand how you can use NPV to do this analysis and what kind of pitfalls you can land into!!

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Putting it all together – Final Project Evaluation Model [Part 6 of 6]

Published on Sep 21, 2010 in Financial Modeling, Learn Excel

This is a guest post written by Paramdeep from Pristine. Chandoo.org is partnering with Pristine to bring an excel financial modeling online training program for you. This is Part 6 of 6 on Financial Modeling using Excel In this tutorial we are going to learn how to build assumptions & input sheets in our excel […]

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