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5 tips: Power Query for Accountants (and finance people) – Free Masterclass

Published on Sep 3, 2018 in Master Class, Power Query

Do you work with accounting or finance data? You are going to love, no scratch that, adore Power Query. It can save you precious time, make you look like a hero in-front of clients and keep you sane.

In this masterclass, learn all about Power Query for accountants (and other kinds of finance people) & 5 tips.

Why Power Query?

Power Query is a data processing software. Using Power Query, you can create process driven programs (queries) to collect data, clean or reshape it, calculate things and publish final output as a table. Once you create a query in PQ, when the underlying data changes, you just refresh the query and brand new data will be fetched, cleaned and published for you.

For example, you can use Power Query to combine ledger files from various accounts to one master file with Power Query. No more VBA or manual copy pasting. Just one query and you are done.

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How to get Maps in to Excel charts & dashboards [Master Class]

Published on Jul 21, 2016 in 3D Maps (Power Maps), Charts and Graphs, Master Class
How to get Maps in to Excel charts & dashboards [Master Class]

This is third episode of our Monthly Master Class.

In this one, you will learn how to get maps in to your Excel workbooks. Understand 5 key techniques for making maps based visualizations in Excel – from regular charts to cell grids to VBA to Power Maps, everything is covered in this intense Master Class.

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SUMPRODUCT – Beginner to Advanced [Master Class]

Published on May 18, 2016 in Learn Excel, Master Class
SUMPRODUCT – Beginner to Advanced [Master Class]

This is second episode of our Monthly Master Class.

In this one, you will learn all about SUMPRODUCT. Know all about basics to advanced usage of this powerful & versatile formula in this 98 minute master class.

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Advanced Interactive Charts using Excel [Master Class]

As announced earlier, here is the first one of our Master Classes. In this one, you will learn how to create advanced interactive charts in Excel by blending pivot tables, slicers, timelines, VBA, conditional formatting and charts. The final outcome is BEAUTIFUL!!! Monthly Master Class – Episode 1 – Trailer Check out a quick trailer of the […]

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Introducing Monthly Master Class

Published on Apr 11, 2016 in Training Programs
Introducing Monthly Master Class

Hi folks,

I have an exciting announcement for you. Starting this month, I will be running a monthly master class on advanced Excel. This is a video class to help advanced users learn creative, powerful ways to use Excel in their day to day work.

What is this Master Class?

The idea is simple. Every month, I will create a lengthy video discussing one of the below topics, specifically targeted at advanced Excel users. As our blog grew, we have a lot of experienced, advanced users and I want to help you achieve more. You will learn,

  • Dashboards
  • Data Analytics
  • Visualizations
  • VBA / Macros
  • Business Modeling
  • Business Intelligence

Each class will be on an different topic with in-depth coverage, creative outputs and awesome techniques. You can sign up for the class that suits your needs.

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