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Usage Masks

Published on Jun 30, 2005 in Random

After spending almost an year in the world of business, I think I am qualified enough to make my own management theories and intellectual gyaan. Recently I read somewhere that ‘there is nothing new to discover as every possible thing has been covered’. But nevertheless you can try a half-baked pseudo management grad for a […]

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News – where have you gone?

Published on Jun 16, 2005 in Random

The small gifts of surviving the first years rigor and routine include ample time for browsing and reading. Its quite sometime since I read a news paper or visited news site. So I thought why not visit the rediff and eco-times. And what do I find? CEOs love the seat by chauffeur screams ET. Out […]

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Wake up man, You have a meeting now!!!

Published on Aug 22, 2004 in Random

It seems like the craziest thing on the earth. We are having meetings at the oddest hours possible. Taste this, – xxxx com meeting at 9:30 pm – the same com meeting at 11:30 pm which is postponed due to some quiz to 12:10 am and lasted till 1:25 am I need not tell about […]

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