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Published on Oct 4, 2004 in Random

Classes will begin for the term 2 in another 40 mins. 🙂 well, today we have fin, accounting and bto2 sessions. Should be an interesting day for the one who has prepapred for the classes. Thanks largely to the vacation, i got lazy and havent completed the reading assignments for BTO2. It seems i am […]

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Its all in Game Theory Stupid!!!

Published on Aug 28, 2004 in Random

Next time you meet a crazy b skooler who sleeps at 5 or may be 7 in the morning dont start arguing with him about the rationale behind his deviant act against nature laws. There is lots of thoery and practical application behind his/her insane act. Got curious???, Read on. (Warning: The following text is […]

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I want a day like this everyday !!!

Published on Aug 26, 2004 in Random

Today (or is it yesterday?) was very good. The day kicked off with Block A Gyaan session at 12:30 am by Prasoon making a presentation on Forex. Some 40 odd highly motivated pgp1s attended the presentation. This is the first of the several presentations that are going to be made by armageddons so that our […]

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