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Use NUMBERVALUE() to convert European Number format

Published on Oct 6, 2015 in Excel Howtos, Learn Excel

If you deal with customers or colleagues in Europe, often you may see numbers like this:

  • 1.433.502,50
  • 9.324,00
  • 3,141593

When these numbers are pasted in Excel, they become text, because Excel can’t understand them.

Here is a simple way to convert the European numbers to regular ones.

Use NUMBERVALUE() Function.

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How to Paste Numbers Only [quick tip]

Published on Sep 8, 2010 in Excel Howtos, Learn Excel
How to Paste Numbers Only [quick tip]

Sometimes when you are working with data, you may need to just copy and paste numbers from one range to another. Here is a handy little trick to achieve that.

Use Paste Special > Add operator to paste numbers only.

1. Select the source range, press CTRL+C
2. Now, go to target range, press ALT+ES to activate paste special dialog
3. Select “Add” operator (you can press d)
4. Click ok.

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