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Fasting, ‘Present’ations and Future Tensions

Published on Aug 17, 2004 in Random

I have completed my MOC presentation yesterday. It was on Local Language Advertising. Slightly overshot the time but over all it was a good presentation. Feedback proved to be fruitful; too. Learned about flaws in my presentations style. Now i have to make sure that they wont repeat in my next presentation. Talking about presentations, […]

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Mad Termination

Published on Aug 16, 2004 in Random

Yes, I know that I was late. I know that I am lazy. But I could not help the mad pace at which things were happening here. If someone doesnot have proper time management skills, he is literally screwed up. Thank god, I was able to do the right thing at right time and now […]

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New Template, New Life

Published on Aug 10, 2004 in Random

In a way, a new life is starting from tomorrow. Mids are over. No more nights with relentless data feeding. Atleast for another 3 weeks. So, thought of taking a break and changing the blog template. Increased the width of the content displayable on the page so that you can read more at one go. […]

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Full Swing

Published on Jul 21, 2004 in Random

yes, everything is in full swing these days. we are having moderate pressures in the academic scene. But, to offset that, lots of competitions are coming up. To give you a feel of what is ahead of me as of now, – Marketer of the Month – Iris Online Website – Howzzat – Cricket Quiz […]

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