A slicer that doesn’t slice [Pivot Table Tricks]

Mary Ellen, one of our readers, has an interesting conundrum,

I have some data that goes to Pivot table then to pivot chart. There is a slicer to filter the data. But when I slice, my pivot chart gets messed up. How to have the slicer, but still see the insights in the chart?!?

See this demo to understand:


This is because when you slice by a school, the pivot table gets filtered and hence % row total for that school becomes 100% (as there are no other schools).

How to fix the problem? The easy answer is to remove the slicers. But we want to have our slicers and eat a slice of them too. So we crank up the Excel awesomeness valve and get to work. There are two ways to achieve what we want.

  • Old school method: Two pivot tables, some formulas & a line chart
  • New Excel method: Power Pivot and a line chart

A slicer that won’t slice – Video

Watch below video where you can learn about both methods.

You may see this video on Chandoo.org YouTube channel too.

Download Example Workbooks:

Please use below links to download the example workbooks for this video.

Examine the formulas & measures to learn more.

Learn more about Pivot tables, Slicers & Power Pivot

If you are curious to learn more about pivot tables, slicers & power pivot, check out below links:

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