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Archive for March, 2018

How many Excel themed cryptic crossword clues can you solve? [Easter Eggs 2018]

Published on Mar 29, 2018 in Excel Challenges
How many Excel themed cryptic crossword clues can you solve? [Easter Eggs 2018]

It is Easter time. This is the first Easter we are celebrating in our new house. So it is bound to have so many special memories. For last 10 years (wow, it has been a decade of tradition), I have been running Excel based egg hunts every Easter. It all started in 2009, when I was living in Sweden (where Easter is a BIG thing). I had to share the enthusiasm with someone, so I made our first Easter egg hunt on the blog.

This year, join me on an Excel themed cryptic crossword clues – Easter egg hunt. Don’t forget to share your scores and explanations in the comments.

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Quick tip: Rename headers in pivot table so they are presentable

Published on Mar 15, 2018 in Pivot Tables & Charts

Pivot tables are fun, easy and super useful. Except, they can be ugly when it comes to presentation. Here is a quick way to make a pivot look more like a report.

  • Just type over the headers / total fields to make them user friendly.

See this quick demo to understand what I mean:

So simple and effective.

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One Control Three Cells

Published on Mar 5, 2018 in Excel Howtos, Huis, Posts by Hui
One Control Three Cells

Learn a technique to control multiple cells with 1 Control.

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Stay on top of money with this awesome household budget spreadsheet [downloads]

Published on Mar 1, 2018 in Learn Excel, Templates

I believe in frugal living and paying yourself first. One of the simple ways to achieve this is by using a budget. You know how much money you get. Once you can track (or estimate) how much you are spending, it is easy to see how much you are paying your future self and what wiggle room you have. So in the spirit of making you awesome in life, not just Excel, let me share a simple but elegant household budget spreadsheet.
Here is a screenshot of the budget.

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