Quick tip: Rename headers in pivot table so they are presentable

Pivot tables are fun, easy and super useful. Except, they can be ugly when it comes to presentation. Here is a quick way to make a pivot look more like a report.

  • Just type over the headers / total fields to make them user friendly.

See this quick demo to understand what I mean:

So simple and effective.

Keep in mind: You can not rename to an existing column data in your data. So if you want to rename to “Amount” which is a field in the data table, simply type “Amount ” with an extra space at end.

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If you love working with pivot tables, check out below tips to become even more awesome.

What is your favorite pivot tip? Please share in comments.


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5 Responses to “Quick tip: Rename headers in pivot table so they are presentable”

  1. Marc says:

    I love this shortcut to create a pivot table. Select any cell in your raw data then press these individual keys in sequence 'ALT D P F" voila your pivot is ready!

  2. Vijay says:

    I do like Pivot Table. My favorite tip in Pivot table is grouping the data which is in Date format in various ways to get the transactions summarized to monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

  3. SUNNY KOW says:

    Changing the PT report layout format from Compact to Tabular will change the Row Labels heading to display the actual field name.

  4. William Londell says:

    I started using Pivot Tables while employed at ITT more than 20 years ago and they were lifesavers for my reports involving more than 1,200 employees. You bring back memories. Now that I am retired I miss and do not have a need for them (yet) but I am open for a new challenge.
    Thanks for all your tips they keep my mind busy and off the past problems I solved with my Pivot reports.

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