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Archive for June, 2008

Skip weekends while autofilling dates in excel

Published on Jun 30, 2008 in hacks, Learn Excel, technology

Often you may want to fill a column only with weekday dates instead of all dates. Here is a simple trick you can use instead of writing nifty if formulas or manually entering the weekday dates. When you auto fill dates by dragging mouse (or using menu > edit > fill > series > selecting […]

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Google maps 3d building outlines – wow

Published on Jun 30, 2008 in Charts and Graphs, ideas, technology

I haven’t noticed this before, but google maps provides 3d building outlines. I think this is pretty cool. You can see them in action here. Earlier on google : Google Park bench in Russia

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Are you ready to solve problems differently?

Published on Jun 27, 2008 in ideas, pics, Random

Just a take a moment away from your job, graduation term project, cooking or cat petting – whatever it is that you are doing. Now think and tell me if you have any other interesting, exciting, simpler, cooler of way of doing the same? Just remove all your assumptions, forget anything you have learned about […]

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Photographic Fridays #2 – Marbles

Published on Jun 27, 2008 in photographic fridays, Random

we are going…, originally uploaded by Chandoo. It was a lazy Saturday, my wife was having a concall related to work and I needed to pass sometime. While rummaging through the storage closet I found this old Chinese checkers board along with 60 marbles. Instantly I knew what to shoot.

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Hot Thermometer Charts in Excel – here is a cool way to do them

Published on Jun 26, 2008 in Charts and Graphs, Featured, hacks, ideas, Learn Excel, technology
Hot Thermometer Charts in Excel – here is a cool way to do them

Let us learn a simple charting hack to create a thermo-meter chart in excel. This type of charts can be effective in communicating one data point, they can make excellent presentation slide or dashboard widget. What more, they are as simple to do as adding whipped cream to your latte. So lets begin: 1. First […]

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Get Stock Quotes in Excel

Published on Jun 24, 2008 in america, hacks, Learn Excel, technology

While trying to spell check one my sheets I have learned this cool trick to fetch real time stock quotes without any webqueries or vba or anything. First enter the stock code in a cell (this works for US stocks only), for eg. AAPL for Apple, MSFT for Microsoft etc. Then ALT+CLICK on that cell, […]

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Most bizarre print ads – Indian version

Published on Jun 23, 2008 in Analytics, India, wonder why

Time for another look at print ads, this time for the most bizarre of them all. Mind you, these are not awful or plain lousy ads, for any column-centimeter worth its area has a fair share of lousy ads, these are simply bizarre ads, the kind that will make you go – WTF? The first […]

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Photographic Fridays # 1 – Ground Zero

Published on Jun 20, 2008 in america, photographic fridays

WTC site – ground zero, originally uploaded by Chandoo. This is the first of a new series of posts I am planning, “Photographic Fridays”, Every last weekday I will post a photo I have taken for your review / comments. I want to be a better photographer and all your comments are going to help […]

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Quickly display unique items in an excel list using advanced filters

Published on Jun 19, 2008 in hacks, Learn Excel, technology
Quickly display unique items in an excel list using advanced filters

Imagine you have long list of data and you need to quickly identify which of the items are unique. You can use Advanced Filters to do this. Just select the list of items you want to filter, go to menu > Data > Filter > Advanced filter. You will see a dialog box like this: […]

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Stop feeling lucky, its just a google sari

Published on Jun 18, 2008 in Humor, ideas, India

Huh! this has to be the most bizarre sari ever … Related google stuff you may find odd: Google park bench, Google fools day present to time travelers, Google life original source:New Launches

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Here is a simple way to get Rs. 70 Lakhs when you are 55 – DONT touch your PF

Published on Jun 17, 2008 in Random

Here is a simple piece of advice to literally everyone who is working: do NOT touch your Provident Fund, no matter what. Provident fund (commonly known as PF, EPF) is a retirement benefit facility provided to Indian employees by their employers of companies that have more than 20 employees. The option is applicable for practically […]

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Formatting numbers in excel – few tips

Published on Jun 16, 2008 in hacks, Learn Excel, technology

Reader Nikhil Shah asks in an email: Dear Chandoo, I have some Error In Excel sheet. Problem :- I have a locker number 01234 567890, in Excel it will be displayed as 01234 567890 with the space. However if it was entered as 01234567890, Excel will display it as 1234567890, without the leading zero. If […]

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Incredible hulk strikes IMDB – awesome online ad

Published on Jun 13, 2008 in advertising, ideas, media, technology

This is awesome, the new incredible hulk campaign on IMDB is nicely done, I have taken a few screen shots of it to post here, just in case they removed it (but go see it on IMDB to understand what I mean) This shows how to create incredible advertisements by integrating flash (rich media) with […]

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Published on Jun 12, 2008 in ideas, personal, pics, Random

The sunset was great today, what amazing idea / story / experience / thing you had today?

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App. idea for iPhone developers (for other location aware phones as well)

Published on Jun 11, 2008 in america, business, ideas, technology

Now that iPhone is going to have GPS built in, here is an application idea any of you iPhone app developers out there. The idea is simple, whenever the phone-holder is driving, this app would automatically answer calls with a pre-recorded message (that can go like, “Hi.., I am driving right now, please leave a […]

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