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Archive for February, 2008

Custom Cell Formatting in Excel – Few Tips & Tricks

Published on Feb 25, 2008 in Charts and Graphs, Featured, hacks, Learn Excel

The other day I had to make an excel sheet for tracking all errors across one of the applications we are doing for our customer. The format was something like this, We wanted to use a consistent message id format [4 digits: 0001, 0002, … , 1000 etc.]. Now I do not want to type […]

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Why do notebook page layouts suck?

Published on Feb 23, 2008 in business, ideas, wonder why

My job takes me to numerous meetings, even though I hate to go to so many of them. Most of the time during the meetings I end up writing lots of notes about, good ideas things to do, action items usual meeting notes mind maps, diagrams and of course doodles well, this brings me to […]

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Published on Feb 20, 2008 in personal

Sorry for not posting any updates, but I am occupied with few things that are going on in now and cannot post anything here until this weekend. Back to back meetings with customers, non-stop snow in Columbus and planning for my new business are keeping me away for the time being. So bear with me. […]

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5 !!! I Did it

Published on Feb 16, 2008 in personal

Yesterday, for the first time in my life I ran 5 kilometers. That is 5000 meters. I am so excited, so happy for this result. Even though I am not a fitness fanatic I do workout quite often. But most of the times when the momentum is building up I had to go on one […]

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Nationwide Paintbucket Guerrilla ad – nicely done

Published on Feb 12, 2008 in advertising, america, Humor

On my way to office I have spotted this nicely done guerrilla campaign by Nationwide insurance. The concept is nice and execution is perfect. See it for yourself. (Btw, the picture is not mine, thanks to Hojimoto)

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Super(b) Tuesday!

Published on Feb 6, 2008 in gadgets, personal

And you almost knew why it is a superb tuesday, well, we got Shimla delivered today. Still going through initial learning curve of getting used to mac. Here is the screen cap, isnt it looking gorgeous? We know :), but the important thing is the it feels gorgeous. PS: regular posting @ PHD should resume […]

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Proud owners of Macbook

Published on Feb 3, 2008 in gadgets, personal

Missus arrived Missus on bench Missus bored at hotel Missus asked for some immediate lap love (not the baby kind 😉 ) Missus nagged Missus ORDERED! I had to obey now, the choice was between Dell XPS 1530 and one of the Macs. A quick check at the bank balances revealed that I forgot my […]

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How not to hang your clothes?

Published on Feb 1, 2008 in america, pics, wonder why

A master piece!

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