Proud owners of Macbook

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Missus arrived
Missus on bench
Missus bored at hotel
Missus asked for some immediate lap love (not the baby kind 😉 )
Missus nagged

I had to obey now, the choice was between Dell XPS 1530 and one of the Macs. A quick check at the bank balances revealed that I forgot my online password. But it also revealed that we could either afford macbook pro or food for the next several weeks. So the choice narrowed to Dell xps kind and the Macbook. Well, it wasnt much of a choice, we werent rooting for windows support or anything like that. Our needs are simple, watch movies, listen to songs, check mail, surf internet, manage photos and have tons of fun. So Macbook it is.

Macbook 2.0 ghz whiteWe have ordered the macbook. Since my desktop in India is called Madhu [know more – madhu the crash madhu2.0], we are going to call this one as Shimla, its the most romantic place on earth – for us. And yeah for the still looking, shimla is a hill station in northern India.

We are so excited about Shimla!!! I have added a tracker on the top of this blog, live updates about the order and shipment. Will post photos once we get it. Feel free to share our happiness.

Oh yeah, for the curious, the config is macbook white, 2.0 ghz, intel core2 duo, 2 gb ddr2 ram, 80 gb SATA, 24x CD RW / DVD. Also, the image is copyrighted to Apple.com.


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