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Track / share your goals using Google Spreadsheet Gadgets

Published on Mar 20, 2008 in blogging, Charts and Graphs, gadgets, ideas, Learn Excel, technology

Google docs team has announced gadgets, auto-fill support, formula help while typing and several other goodies yesterday. I was experimenting with these stuff and wanted to share a cool idea with you all. Tracking / Sharing your goals (or resolutions, progress) with everyone using Google Spreadsheet Gadgets: For the example purpose, let us build a […]

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How to: sharing trip expenses using excel

Published on Jan 25, 2008 in hacks, Learn Excel

Yesterday we were calculating our Washington trip expenses and it occurred to me that if there is an excel template where I could enter the trip expenses and who paid what to find out how much we need to pay up / collect, it would be great. I looked around for few seconds, couldn’t find […]

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