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VLOOKUP that fat table with ease [3 quick tips]

Published on Sep 18, 2017 in Learn Excel
VLOOKUP that fat table with ease [3 quick tips]

Time for some good, old fashioned VLOOKUP love. Let’s say you are writing VLOOKUP()s to get data from an unusually fat table, ie one with heaps of columns. You want to get to lookup ID in first column and get thingamajig in what is that column number. Well, better get counting from 1 and after 19 seconds and lots of squinting you arrive at column number 53 – which has thingamajig. 

If this sounds like your VLOOKUP routine, check out these three amazingly simple tips to save some time and effort with your lookups.

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Excel Tips Submitted by You [Part 3]

Published on May 13, 2009 in Excel Howtos, Learn Excel

In the third installment of your week at PHD, we have a fantastic tutorial on R1C1 style of formula referencing, a nifty vlookup hack and adding web toolbars to excel UI. We have one more day to go, so rush!

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