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Excel Links – Delay in State migration visualization results edition

Published on May 20, 2014 in excel links

Hello friends,

First a quick update about state migration visualization contest.

We got more than 50 wonderful entries for this contest. I have compiled 50% of the entries. Due to personal reasons (its annual vacation time at our household), I had to delay the rest and resume it after first week of June. So the results will be announced in 2nd week of June. Thanks for understanding and your patience. Watch this space for mind-boggling dashboards in 3 more weeks.

Click “Read more” to get a sneak-peek at 3 random entries & 4 useful Excel links.

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Market Segmentation Charts using Conditional Formatting

Published on Feb 18, 2009 in Charts and Graphs, Learn Excel
Market Segmentation Charts using Conditional Formatting

Trust Peltier to come up with solutions for even the most impossible looking charts. Today he shares a marimekko chart tutorial. I couldn’t sit still after seeing his post. So here comes market segmentation charts or marimekko charts using, conditional formatting.

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