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Find first non-blank item in a list with formulas

Published on Jan 15, 2014 in Excel Challenges, Excel Howtos
Find first non-blank item in a list with formulas

Blank cells are an invisible pain in the analysis. Dealing with them is frustrating, time consuming and often very complex. At chandoo.org, we are not big fans of blank cells. That is why we wrote:

Today, lets talk about one more scenario. Lets say you want to find out the first non-blank item in a list. How would you do it?

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29 Excel Formula Tips for all Occasions [and proof that PHD readers truly rock]

Published on Aug 24, 2009 in Excel Howtos, Featured, Learn Excel

It is no exaggeration that knowing excel formulas can give you a career boost. From someone starting at the long list of numbers, you can suddenly become a data god who can lookup, manipulate and analyze any spreadsheet.

So when our little excel blog hit the 5000 RSS Subscriber milestone, I celebrated the occasion by asking you to share an excel formula through twitter or comments with rest of us. And boy, what an excellent list of formula tips you have shared with us all.
Here is the complete list of entries for the twitter formula contest.

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