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CP026: All about Excel !@#$%^+/*(}][<

Published on Dec 4, 2014 in Chandoo.org Podcast Sessions
CP026: All about Excel !@#$%^+/*(}][<

In the 26th session of Chandoo.org podcast, let’s learn all about Excel !@#$%^+/*(}][<.

I am talking about Excel operators, you silly.

What is in this session?

Do you know Excel has more than 25 operators? That is right. There are a variety of operators beyond the simple + – * and /.

In this podcast, let’s understand all about these operators and how to use them. You will learn,

  • Why there is a gap between last & this podcast session
  • About Excel operators
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Text operators
  • Reference operators
  • Comparison operators
  • Closing thoughts
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How to write 2 Way Lookup Formulas in Excel?

Published on Nov 9, 2010 in Learn Excel
How to write 2 Way Lookup Formulas in Excel?


So far we have seen what VLOOKUP formula is and how to put it to some nifty uses. Today, we will go one step further and learn how to do 2 Way Lookups.

What is a 2 Way Lookup?

Lookup is when you find a value in one column and get the corresponding element from other columns. 2 Way Lookup is when you lookup value at the interesection corresponding to a given row & column values.

For example, assuming you have data like below, and you want to findout how much sales Joseph made in month of March, you are essentially doing a 2 way lookup.

Read more to find how to solve this.

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