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Gmail Labs 2 new useful features – Mark as Read, Label Auto Suggest

Published on Sep 23, 2008 in technology
Gmail Labs 2 new useful features – Mark as Read, Label Auto Suggest

Gmail Labs constantly introduces new features that make using Gmail much more productive. Recently they introduced 2 new features – Mark as Read button and Auto suggest for label search which I find extremely useful. Mark as read is really useful since I use it often to get to inbox zero. I am obsessed with […]

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Add more superstars to your gmail

Published on Aug 4, 2008 in technology

I use new superstars gmail labs feature a lot, to mark reader mails that I need to followup, comments I should respond to, ideas that are interesting, bill mailers that should be paid. The default setting allows any of the 4 superstars to be added. while trying to change my mail signature, I have realized […]

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Mute conversations in Gmail to not follow a specific thread of mails

Published on Jul 24, 2008 in hacks, technology

Do you know that you can mute conversations in gmail if you are do not want to see that lengthy thread on single subjected that people wont give up. Just select the mail / conversation you want to mute Click on “More actions” and select “mute” Enjoy the bliss If you want search for muted […]

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