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Dressing Financial Statements – What Motivated Mr. Bean to Defraud Latte?

Published on Dec 11, 2012 in Financial Modeling

Did you know What Happened at Last Coffee Day?
Mr. Bean “dressed up” the financial statements and was caught in the fraud. But he was the CEO of Latte! So why did he commit fraud in his own company??

Any Guess?

Take a cappuccino and I will give you a hint – How was Mr. Bean’s Bonus to be decided?

Read on to know more…

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Financial Ratios – Cappuccino or Latte?

Published on Nov 21, 2012 in Financial Modeling
Financial Ratios – Cappuccino or Latte?

A Quick Question for you!
Don the hat of a financial wiz today. What I have for you are the financials of two companies: Cappuccino and Latte – Two dot com companies (Sometimes they also make revenues ;-))

Which is better – Cappuccino or Latte? ( Hint: It’s a trick question! 😉 )

It may seem obvious that Latte is performing better (Higher the revenue, the better the performance!). Sometimes a single source of data does not speak the full story!

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