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Secret Agent KV’s Chops…what’s in HIS Personal Macro Workbook?

Published on Nov 19, 2013 in Posts by KV, VBA Macros

Yesterday, I talked about how you don’t have to know how to code in order to highly leverage VBA. All you need to know is how to Google, Cut, and Paste. As discussed then, I ‘volunteered’ KV under pain of exposure to empty the contents of his secret satchel onto the virtual table, so that […]

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What would James Bond have in his Personal Macro Workbook?

Published on Nov 18, 2013 in Posts by Jeff, VBA Macros
What would James Bond have in his Personal Macro Workbook?

You know, I‘m constantly amazed at the depth of knowledge and wisdom that comes up in the comments of this site. For instance, the other day, undercover Excel secret agent KV came up a great list of interview questions in response to Chandoo’s great article What are best Excel interview questions?

I particularly liked this one:
Do you have a Personal Macro Workbook setup ? If yes, what are the most common macros you use in your daily work?

Secret Agent KV obviously has some purpose-built gadgets that he employs to kill inefficiencies. And he obviously also knows the two top-secret reasons to keep code in a Personal Macro Workbook:

  1. To keep it safe from international spy rings.
  2. So you can whip it out whenever you are cornered by any evil-looking spreadsheet.

While that first point is important, that second is the clincher: code stored in a personal workbook can be unleashed with a simple judo-chop to the throat.

Today, lets understand how to setup your personal macro workbook and open a secret passage-way to Excel awesomeness.

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