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Multiplying 24ft 9inches with 6ft 3inches using Excel

Published on Apr 14, 2014 in Excel Howtos
Multiplying 24ft 9inches with 6ft 3inches using Excel

Imagine you are a carpenter and you are tasked with laying wooden floor at Gill Bates’ house. Now Gill B has a very big house and he wants to make sure you do a good job. So instead of asking you to lay the floor for entire house, he asks you to finish flooring in the guest bedroom first. Here are the dimensions of that guest bedroom.

  • Width: 6ft 3inches
  • Length: 24ft 9inches
  • Size of individual wooden floor board: 2ft x 4inches

And here is the big question you are facing.

What?!? the guest bedroom width is only 6ft 3inches?

But over the years of chiseling and polishing you have learned to keep quiet and do your work.

So the real question you have is, How many wooden floor boards should you buy?

Of course, you want to find the answer using Excel. Why else would a carpenter read this blog?

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Lost Excel Functions

Published on May 16, 2011 in Excel Howtos, Huis, Posts by Hui
Lost Excel Functions

– Cue, alluring music.
Just like Jack and the crew of Oceanic Airlines flight 815, Excel has a number of LOST functions.
This post will look at some of Excel’s Undocumented, Unloved and Rarely used Functions

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