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Welcome to Chandoo.org.

In this section, you can learn about various policies of our site. We have set up separate pages so that you can understand all policies in detail. Go thru below links.

In this page, I have summarized a few of the important policies.

E Mail Policy:

Your e-mail address will not be shared with anyone, never. This applies to all e-mail addresses your have entered through comments, e-mail subscriptions, personal mails sent to me.

I may communicate with you on your e-mail id to,

  • clarify a question you have asked
  • refer you to right source regarding your query
  • update you about a new product or service of chandoo.org only if you have signed up for our newsletter

Comment Policy:

Comments on Chandoo.org are a great source for learning, new ideas and community interaction. We take our comments very seriously. So much so that I actually believe that comments are as important as the post. To that extent, we request you to not spam or flame through comments. Some guidelines on commenting here:

  • Comments are moderated. If you are a first time commenter or have cookies disabled, your comment will reach moderation queue and is usually approved with in few hours.
  • Comments not related to the post content are discouraged and often deleted (very rarely, so far I have deleted 1 comment, compare that to approved comments of almost 8000)
  • I may edit the comments to add details, include links, images, or remove swear words.
  • You are responsible for your comments and opinions shared here. We just provide a medium and not responsible for what you say.

Content Copyright Policy:

The content on Chandoo.org is copyrighted. But the ideas are not.

You are free to use the content (and downloadable excel files) for any non-commercial purpose as long as you attribute the original authors / owners. Some guidelines about the content copyright:

  • You can not copy paste Chandoo.org content in your web site, blog or news letters. You can however, use excerpts.
  • You can not sell the content on Chandoo.org or use it as part of your print publications.
  • The downloads provided here come with out any warranty and provided as is. They are for learning purposes only.
  • You are free to distribute the downloaded documents with or without altering the content, but always leave the attribution links on.
  • If you are planning to monetize something on this site, first get in touch with me: chandoo.d @ gmail.com
  • When in doubt, get in touch with me.

Advertising Policy:

Chandoo.org uses various advertising provides like Google, Amazon and some affiliate products. Important things to note,

  • Google remembers your personal preferences, browsing habits to show relevant ads. This means if you are a soccer fan and have visited few football sites recently, you might see some soccer related ads on Chandoo.org as well. This is controlled by Google.
  • Wherever possible, the products advertised and recommended on Chandoo.org are tested personally by me. This is not to be confused with any kind of guarantee.
  • Some of the products advertised on Chandoo.org store cookies on your computer when you visit their sites. You can remove these cookies from your browser by going to privacy settings.
  • If you have any doubts or feedback about the advertising on Chandoo.org, please get in touch with me at chandoo.d @ gmail.com

Product Guarantee Policy:

I sell various products and trainings thru Chandoo.org. These are prepared by me. The following shall apply to all the products purchased on Chandoo.org,

  • Money back Guarantee: All products on Chandoo.org come with a money back guarantee of sufficient number of days. You just have to send me an email to get your refund. I ask no questions (unless your request is not clear) and we are still friends.
  • Warranty: All products sold on Chandoo.org come with no explicit or implicit warranties. You should use them with caution (although all of them are harmless). Save your work and take backups often to avoid unpleasant surprises. In case of conflict, you will be given full refund of purchase price alone.
  • Upgrades: All products are subject to upgrade / enhancement at regular intervals (usually once every 6 months). You should get a free upgrade in most cases. In rare cases, you may need to pay a small fee to get upgraded product

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