MLB Pitching Stats Dashboard in Excel+VBA by our VBA Class Student

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Nothing gives a teacher more satisfaction than seeing a student apply the knowledge to do something awesome. So naturally, I jumped with joy when I got this email from Dan, one of my VBA Class students,

Hi Chandoo,

After going thru your VBA Classes, I realized that we can lots of awesome stuff with pivot tables + simple macros. I recently created an Excel Dashboard to depict MLB (Major League Baseball) Pitching Stats. I could not have done this had I not learned VBA. Thank you so much for teaching the class.

I got curious and requested Dan, if I could share the file with you all. Being a lovely person, Dan agreed immediately.

MLB Pitching Stats Dashboard – using Excel + VBA

MLB Pitching Stats in Excel Dashboard

[Click here for larger version]

How does this dashboard work?

Dan used a lot of techniques to weave together this dashboard. Since it would take me until Christmas if I explain everything, I made a short video explaining how this dashboard works. See it below:

You can see it on our youtube channel too.

What techniques are used in this dashboard?

Dan is a regular reader of Chandoo.org, so he used many of the charting & formula techniques we teach here (as well as in my Excel School & VBA classes). Click thru below links to learn them.

Download MLB Pitching Stats Excel Dashboard

Click here to download the Excel workbook and play with the dashboard.

Ready to Create your Own Dashboards & VBA Code?

If you want to create similar stuff and wow everyone at work, then joining my upcoming batch of VBA classes is a good idea. We are re-opening enrollments for this course on September 5th.

Click here for course details.

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Thank you Dan

Thank you so much Dan for making my day. I really liked the way you have put together many concepts to create a stunning dashboard.
If you liked this dashboard, say thanks to Dan.


Hello Awesome...

My name is Chandoo. Thanks for dropping by. My mission is to make you awesome in Excel & your work. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. When I am not F9ing my formulas, I cycle, cook or play lego with my kids. Know more about me.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Visit Excel for Beginner or Advanced Excel pages to learn more or join my online video class to master Excel.

Thank you and see you around.

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10 Responses to “MLB Pitching Stats Dashboard in Excel+VBA by our VBA Class Student”

  1. rajranja says:

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks a lot... this is too good 🙂

  2. NS says:

    Awesome stuff Dan! very impressed..

  3. dan l says:

    Thanks guys.

  4. m-b says:

    Some nice ideas in there, thanks for sharing. I noticed the list with teams has a missing value though ('Arizona Diamondbacks'). Also when manipulating Pivot Tables with VBA you should be really careful not to try to select a value that isn't in the Pivot Table, if you do all hell breaks loose 🙂 That's not the case here but just some advise as I learned the hard way...

  5. dan l says:

    Ah.....ya caught me.

    dnrTeamName drives both the charts and the drop down list. It refers to:


    If you change A6 to A5, it fixes that little issue.

    A better question though, who actually cares about the Arizona Diamondbacks?


  6. Clarity says:

    Excellent post. Thanks

  7. Adrian Guzman says:

    Great job, Dan! Thanks a million!

  8. madhura says:

    Gr8 work Dan

  9. Andy says:


    I downloaded file, but looks like everything is in xml. Was there suppose to be excel file as well?


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