Create a Combination Chart, Add Secondary Axis in Excel [15 Second Tutorial]

Posted on July 2nd, 2009 in Charts and Graphs , Excel Howtos - 8 comments

Two most commonly asked or searched queries when it comes to charting are,

  • How to combine two chart types in one chart, like a line chart combined with bar chart?
  • How to add a secondary axis to the chart so that one or more data series are plotted on the secondary axis?

Excel combination charts are a great way to combine two chart types in to one.

Using data series options you can plot a particular series on secondary axis.

In this quick video tutorial you can learn how to make a combination chart and add secondary axis in less than 15 seconds.

Watch it on youtube: Creating combination charts and adding secondary axis – video tutorial

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8 Responses to “Create a Combination Chart, Add Secondary Axis in Excel [15 Second Tutorial]”

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  5. Nat says:

    How do i create a chart that has negative numbers on axis x and y and plot them correctly? I cannot seem to understand how to do this, please help.


  6. MSWebReviewer says:

    You can also plot 2 or more Y axes in Excel using EZplot or Multy_Y from Office
    There is a demo version to try.

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