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Welcome to Chandoo.org.
My mission is to make you AWESOME in your work.

Hello, Namaste & Kia Ora. Welcome to Chandoo.org. 

My name is Chandoo. My mission is to make you awesome in Excel and Power BI.
I do this by sharing Excel & Power BI tutorials, examples, tips, videos and articles on this website. I live in Wellington, New Zealand with my beautiful wife Jo & our twins Nishanth & Nakshatra. Take a minute to browse various topics of the site to see how I can help you.

Thank you and welcome.

power query tutorial and examples
Power Query

Power Query Tutorial – What is it, How to use, Full examples, Tips & Tricks

Power Query (Get & Transform data in Excel) is a true game changer ?. It can simplify and automate various data activities. In this in-depth blog tutorial, learn all about this powerful time-saving technology. You will learn:

* What is Power Query and how to launch it from Excel or Power BI?
* How to connect and load data from any type of sources – excel files, CSVs, text files, web pages, PDF, folders etc.
* How to perform common data cleansing activities with Power Query
* Adding columns using rules
* Automating data collection, clean-up and publishing processes with Power Query
* Web scraping with Power Query
* SQL style Joins, merges, appends and unions with Power Query
* Consolidating data in a folder
* Data load, save & publish process
* Tips & tricks on using Power Query efficiently

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x men appearances - stream chart in excel - trailer
Charts and Graphs

How to make stream graphs in Excel?

A stream graph or stream plot is an area chart that looks like a stream. In this post, let me show you how to create an interactive stream graph using Excel area charts. The original design for this graph is inspired from Cedric Scherer.

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top 10 excel formulas for IT people
Learn Excel

Top 10 Excel formulas for IT people

Are you in IT & use Excel often? This article explains top 10 formulas for IT professionals. Useful for project managers, IT analysts, Testing people and BAs.

We cover a 10 practical situations and explore various Excel formulas to solve them. Example workbook provides more details too.

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Power BI

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What people say about Chandoo.org

A relative told me about your website since I need help creating pivot tables, I learned how to do it in a matter of minutes thanks to your tutorial. Where have you been all of my excel troubled life, I look forward to viewing your videos on youtube as well as on your site. You are going to make me EXCELLENT at Excel!
Soulful Sista
Excel Sister
Hi Chandoo, I just want to say I really appreciate your Excel tutorials and all your hard work that it took to compile the huge library of content. Your site has helped me gain a better understanding of Excel which has helped me in my job. You are helping the world!
Felix H
Throughout my life as an administrative assistant; your site has been invaluable to me. And now that I’m a recruiter; it’s still an amazing resource for when I need to teach someone something quickly. You are a friggin’ Rock Star!!! Thank you for everything you do.
Jason S

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Excel School

Learn how to work with data, make calculations, pivots, create amazing charts and powerful dashboards from scratch using Excel School + Dashboards program. Suitable for analysts, managers or professionals who need to use Excel often.


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Use VBA to automate your tasks and build powerful spreadsheet based apps. In this course, learn all about how to program with VBA, how to use the language and object model to your advantage. Suitable for people who build a lot of things with Excel.


Power BI

Power BI, the newest technology from Microsoft is a game changer. You can build rich, interactive and informative displays for your audience using Power BI. In this course, learn all about Power BI, Power Query and Power Pivot and how to combine them to achieve awesome results.

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