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Welcome to Chandoo.org

Hello, Namaste & Kia Ora. Welcome to Chandoo.org. 

My name is Chandoo. My mission is to make you awesome in your work. I do this by sharing Excel & Power BI tutorials, examples, tips, videos and articles on this website. I live in Wellington, New Zealand with my beautiful wife Jo & our twins Nishanth & Nakshatra. Take a minute to browse various topics of the site to see how I can help you.

Thank you and welcome once again.

Pivot Tables & Charts

A trick to Pivot text values

We all know that Pivot Tables are best thing since avocado on toast. But they can’t slice text values and spread them in a table with Pivots. So how to take a large blob of text and turn it in to something meaningful like above?

Simple, we use Power Query.

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Time series analysis and interactive forecasting in Excel – Sample video from 50 ways course

Are you hungry from some Excel awesomeness? It’s launch time. I am very happy to announce that our most popular analytics online class – 50 ways to analyze data is opening up for enrollments in first week of May 2018. As the name suggests, 50 ways program is all about data and making sense of it. You will learn many ways to analyze, visualize and present data to your clients and superiors. Next time someone asks you, “Can you look at this data and tell us what is going on?” you can confidently say YES.

Learn all about 50 ways program and signup for the waiting list.

In this article, Let me show case one of the examples from 50 ways to analyze data course and how it can help you.

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Top 5 keyboard shortcuts for Excel Charts

We all know that learning a few keyboard shortcuts can speedup your Excel game. Most pro users rely on a handful shortcuts when working with large spreadsheets. But when it comes to charting, we automatically reach for mouse. But do you know that you can use few simple shortcuts to do most day to day chart related things?

Ready for top 5 keyboard shortcuts for Excel charts? Read on.

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Visualizing Commonwealth games performance – Interactive chart

The 2018 edition of Commonwealth games are on for a week now. Both of my homes – India and New Zealand have been doing so well. Naturally, I wanted to gather games data and make something fun and creative from it. Here is my attempt to amuse you on this Friday.

Looks interesting? Want to know how to make something like this on your own? Then read on…

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Rescue oddly shaped data – Battle between Formulas, VBA and Power Query

Let’s say you have data like this in a spreadsheet. Don’t roll your eyes, I am 102% sure, right at this moment, someone is (ab)using Excel to create similar messy data.

How do you reshape it to one column?

You could use formulas, VBA or Power Query. Let’s examine all these methods to see what is best. All these methods assume your data is in a range aptly named myrange.

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Maths worksheets for your kids – teach addition, subtraction & multiplication with these

Nishanth & Nakshatra, my kids are now 8 years old and learning mathematics at school. Very soon (from this Saturday), they will have 2 weeks of school term break. As a stay at home dad, I shudder at the thought of school holidays. So this time, I have an evil plan. I made maths worksheets for them. Everyday, I will print one and ask them to complete.

If you are a stay at home parent and want to keep your kids busy for a few minutes every day, grab a copy of this and give it a go. Keep in mind that the workbook uses RANDBETWEEN(), so the numbers change every time. If you have multiple kids, print multiple copies. There are no answer sheets, so when you need to check the answers, you too must calculate them by hand.

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Excel & Power BI for you

If you are new to Excel or have never used it, use below links to come up to speed.

Conditional Formatting in Excel

Intro to Excel


Structural Refs

Essential Formulas

Pivot Tables Intro

Budget vs. Actual ChartHave been using Excel for a while? Check out these tutorials to learn more and become awesome.

Advanced Excel

Pivots from Multiple-Tables

Multi-column Lookups

Interactive charts

VBA & Macros

Work with Excel a lot and know your game well? We have some very-advanced topics for you too. Check out:

Training calendar & dashboard in Excel

Array formulas

Excel challenges

Advanced Charting

Data Tables & Simulations

Power BI

Power BI is the most exciting thing to happen for your data since spreadsheets. If you are looking for a new skill to learn this year, I highly recommend Power BI. Check out below tutorials and get started today.

Introduction to Power BI – your first tutorial

Introduction to Power Query

Power BI Example – Commonwealth games tracker

Power Mondays – Learn all about Power BI, Power Query & Power Pivot

What people say about Chandoo.org

I have been using Excel since Excel 4 days, but understood the true potential of Excel only after learning at Chandoo's site a few months ago. His contents, language, topics covered and methodologies are unmatchable. His website has been a great inspiration. This guy is amazing. Great regards to Chandoo.
Vivek K
Long time Excel user
Hi Chandoo, I just want to say I really appreciate your Excel tutorials and all your hard work that it took to compile the huge library of content. Your site has helped me gain a better understanding of Excel which has helped me in my job. You are helping the world!
Felix H
Throughout my life as an administrative assistant; your site has been invaluable to me. And now that I’m a recruiter; it’s still an amazing resource for when I need to teach someone something quickly. You are a friggin’ Rock Star!!! Thank you for everything you do.
Jason S

Courses for you


Excel School

Learn how to work with data, make calculations, pivots, create amazing charts and powerful dashboards from scratch using Excel School + Dashboards program. Suitable for analysts, managers or professionals who need to use Excel often.


VBA Classes

Use VBA to automate your tasks and build powerful spreadsheet based apps. In this course, learn all about how to program with VBA, how to use the language and object model to your advantage. Suitable for people who build a lot of things with Excel.


Power BI

Power BI, the newest technology from Microsoft is a game changer. You can build rich, interactive and informative displays for your audience using Power BI. In this course, learn all about Power BI, Power Query and Power Pivot and how to combine them to achieve awesome results.

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