Give descriptive titles to your charts for best results

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Here is a simple & effective tip on charting.

Give your charts descriptive & bold titles.

How to set up title that are smart & descriptive?

Simple, follow below steps.

  1. Create the title you want in a cell
  2. Select the chart title
  3. Go to formula bar, press = and point to the cell with title
  4. Press enter.

See below demonstration:


More ways to make your charts awesome:

Check out below simple & effective tips to make your charts awesome.


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6 Responses to “Give descriptive titles to your charts for best results”

  1. Heather says:

    This is a trick I found about two years ago (probably on this site, but I can't say exactly). The management team absolutely LOVES seeing information like this in charts now.

    Another trick I like is to highlight the top or bottom values in a chart programmatically.

  2. Hui... says:

    I like adding Shapes to Chart and repeating the above

    Select a Chart
    Insert, Shapes, Select a Shape
    Now with the Shape inside the chart selected goto the Formula Bar and use the same technique as above
    = and click on a cell with the text in it


  3. Mike86 says:

    Also a good way for making the titles dynamic. Titles change with the information.

  4. jason m says:

    I would be cautious about over-doing chart titles. They need to be simple and to the point, not loaded with additional information.

    Calling out individual data points should be done in the chart via labels, colors, and other techniques, not communicated in the chart title.

    In your example, "Sales by Region" is perfect.

  5. Irvan says:

    I intrested and want to learn

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