Make a Pivot Table in Excel [15 Second Tutorial]

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Last week we have posted a simple to understand excel pivot table tutorial here. Today I am going to supplement the tutorial with a 15 second video tutorial on Making excel pivot tables.

(Click the link below if you are not able to see the youtube video in feed reader or email)

Watch the How to make a pivot table in excel tutorial on YouTube.

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21 Responses to “Make a Pivot Table in Excel [15 Second Tutorial]”

  1. [...] First step is to create Pivot Table. Here is a video tutorial on making pivot tables. [...]

  2. Wilson says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to study pivot table from basics detailed.Pls send me the tips of that

  3. baran says:


  4. [...] Click here to see a video tutorial of making pivot tables in excel | One more Pivot Table Video Tutorial [...]

  5. surbamanyam says:

    it is very useful

  6. jitender says:

    hello sir

    please send me some information of pivotable. and how to use it
    because I am beginer so how can i learn it the pivotable.
    and sir will you send me pivotable data because i have no data and i don't
    know how to applyed for the pivotable. give some videos so I learn quikely.

    thank you
    and my best

  7. keri says:


    This tutorail was helpful. If possible can you please email me some data, so I can create another pivot table? I am trying to learn ASAP and need some info.

    Thank you

  8. yemi says:

    Top of the day to you. can you pls send me a detailed tutorial on the pivot table tutorial? Thanks.

  9. karthick says:

    please tell me how to use Pivot table.

  10. Pooja says:

    Dear Sir,
    I visited this website of urs for the very first time and trust me this is fabulous.i learnt pivot table through this.Thanks a lot.In corporate world nobody gonna make u learn these things.m very grateful to u.This is a great initiative from ur side.Commendable job done.Hats off to u.For beginners also this is very helpful.The way this website makes u learn excel is very good.


  11. Priscilla says:

    Can you please email me information to put into a pivot table and possibly a complete set of instructions?  I am a beginner to pivot tables and am possibly interested in obtaining a position that requires pivot tables.  thank you.

  12. [...] Click here to see a video tutorial of making pivot tables in excel | One more Pivot Table Video Tutorial [...]

  13. Kawsar says:

    It's simply great..!!

  14. James Perry says:

    Fast but not furious.

  15. Adepoju Teniola says:

    Pls email me details of pivot table. I want to learn it asap because I just got a job that requires this. Thanks

  16. nihal ahmed says:

    it is very useful..............thanks

  17. Tabassum says:

    Sir please can u send me the complete explanation of pivot tables from basics

  18. Guruprasad says:


    I wanted to know how to put pivot with emp id, emp name, emp position in one row.

    cel A4 should have Emp id
    Cell B4 should have Emp Name
    Call C4 should have Emp Position

    many thanks in advance

  19. George Dorne says:

    Nice information, thanx my dear.

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