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Thank you, Houston meetup & Bonus tip



My mom will be very unhappy with this post. She always told me to focus on one thing at a time. But in this post we are talking about 3 things, not one. Sorry mom.

1. Thank you

I want to thank you for visiting chandoo.org & supporting us.

As I am about to leave to USA for attending Excelapalooza conference, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how much you have given me & my family. Almost 4.5 years ago, when I left my plush corporate job to work full time on Chandoo.org, I had no clue how the future will unfold. Today my heart is full of happiness, my family is secure, my site has grown by heaps and our community (especially you) is awesome.

Without your enthusiasm to learn and keen desire to become awesome, I would not have a job (of running this website). You inspire me to learn new things everyday so that I can share them with you.

Thank you for all the visits, clicks, comments, emails, tweets, likes, signups, purchases & love.

Thank you.

2. Houston Meetup

I am in Houston between 15 – 19 September. If you live in or near Houston area, I would love to meet you, say thanks to you personally. So I have organized a meetup.

Venue: Arthur Storey Park (on Sam Houston Pkwy, Houston, 77072)

Time: Between 5 & 6:30 PM on Friday, 19th September

I will bring some snacks (don’t worry, healthy options only) and we can chat about all things Chandoo.org


Please click here to RSVP.


Special bonus for bicycle riders: If you ride your bike to the event, I will give you a free copy (ebook) of my VLOOKUP Book.

So go ahead and sign up.

3. Bonus tip

Here is a bonus Excel tip for you. Why? Because we are awesome like that.

Lets say you have a list of transactions in a table like this:

Sum values between 2 dates in Excel - howto?

And you want to find out how much we made in month of July 2014?

You can use SUMPRODUCT to find the answer

Assuming the table is named trans


Alternative formulas:



For more on this technique, read Sum values between 2 dates.

So thats all for now. Enjoy your weekend.

And remember to signup for the Houston meetup if you are nearby.


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6 Responses to “Thank you, Houston meetup & Bonus tip”

  1. Kiran says:

    Thanks for your support and advise and you inspired me alot to think about my self to grow....

    All the very best Chandoo!

  2. Derk says:

    While SumProduct is more versatile than SumIfs, when SumIfs is possible, it is much faster than SumProduct and should be preferred.

  3. Zulqarnain Khan says:

    I wonder how u do it

  4. Don says:

    Bonus Tip


    Where G2= any date within July 2014 (i.e. 7/15/14)


  5. Augie Seaman says:


    Thanks so much for two great Excel Masterclasses in Houston this week! It was great to finally meet you, and my brain is now filled to the brim with great stuff to bring back to my team at work. I look forward to keeping in touch with you and continuing to expand my Excel skills by joining the chandoo.org community!

    Augie Seaman
    TMIC (www.texasmutual.com)

  6. Sohail Rizki says:

    It was very nice meeting with Chandoo at Arthur Story Park Houston. Had I known it earlier, I would have arranged a better place.
    Hope to see you again Chandoo.

    Sohail Rizki

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