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Kingsize weekend

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After coming here the meaning of weekend blurred a lot. We have seen some crazy weeks in both the terms. Day before yesterday was different experience altogether.

Unlike weekends for most people living in India, certain sample of hazaar people celebrate it in a different way. Their weekend starts on Saturday afternoon and ends on Sunday afternoon. That is if there is no announced quiz on Saturday afternoon and Sunday is a holiday. 😀

Thus said, the day in the case here had neither a quiz nor a working day following it. So I came to my room with loads of enthu and plans for the next 20 odd hours. Started downloading Aladdin from LAN. Then suddenly heard Dusi (my sidey) playing some weird Hindi movie on his box. Despite my little and nonexistent Hindi knowledge I entered his room just to ask what movie it was. As is the case with us, perverts, Dusi is watching Goonda No. 1[for a raving review click here] by Mithunda. Dang!. Some actor looking like straight out from a B School accounting class is shouting “mera naam Khulla, mein kardoonga tera jeevan khulla khulla.. aaa”. I couldn’t control my laughter. Occupied my seat on the bed and seen the movie for an hour. It was a great movie. Only that you need the IQ of a bamboo tree to comprehend it and appreciate the gymnastics and romances of the superstar. For example, Duh!, I cant even tell you that. Forget it.

After a nap and some snacks I have decided that today is the day of freedom. We (Govar and myself) have already planned for it. We left the hill at 6:50 and reached Annapoorna market at about 7:20. There we are in front of a saloon. The funny thing is none of us are conversant with Hindi. We had to convince the barber that we are actually interested in a haircut and not in a shave or a marketing survey or anything else for that matter.

After some 30 mins there we are with our neatly mowed heads looking for some winter protections. I bought a nice rajai to protect my body parts from freezing. Then we went to the famous Indore dosawallah to get a couple of masala dosas. Umm.. they are real nice btw.

When we are coming back both of us are actually shivering, thanks largely to the f*$%ing cold breeze. Conservative estimates by 2 premature managers on that night said that the temperature might be around 12-15 degs.

As soon as we reached the hostel I had to start again for the group dinner. This time we (the group 7) went to Mashaal. Another bike ride and numb hands and there we are in side he Mashaal at 9:30. Despite doing lots of group activities together, 8 us (Finance Abhishek, Sleeping Arvind, exhibit master Anoop, Prez. Parvez, Leader Supriya, Global Loomba, CEO Singh and myself contradicting Chandoo) never went out and had a dinner. The dinner went on very peacefully and joyfully. We had loads of fun cracking jokes and shouting Group 7 Rocks.

When I came back I remembered about my eating without taking bath after a haircut. Another downgradation. My parents would have happily killed me for that :D.

After the bath, I have seen Aladdin. Not a great movie, but I managed to complete it.

Sunday, little bit of sleep and time pass and there I am preparing for the next days classes 🙂

Y! Stauts Says: Kal bhi chutti hi, kal bhi chutti tha!


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