Cool infographics around the web – [july 31]

Time for another round of cool charting / info-graphic ideas around the web.

Most Popular Baby Names – all the way from 1880

baby names trend from 1880 - most popular names of all

Nametrends is a cool website totally dedicated to analyzing and showing baby name trends. They have pretty interesting stuff like, how baby names ending with -lie (charlie, willie, ellie etc.) fared from 1880. Go ahead, see the neat stuff at nametrends. [via kottke]

Flare toolkit for visualizing in Flash

Flare toolkit for visualizing data

Flare is a powerful tool for visualizing large amounts of data using Action Script. Check it out. [via FlowingData]

Funny map of online communities

Funny map of online communities - XKCD

This cartoonish visualization from XKCD pokes fun at the sizes and boundaries of various online communities. Really hilarious and neatly done. [via cool infographics]

Visualizing design process

Visualizing design process

This is a non-linear info graphic that talks about how designers approach problems. The site >think>draw>make is a dedicated to visualizations of design processes. See it. [via cool infographics]

What info is hidden in a bar code?

What is in a barcode?

This pretty visualization of bar codes uses information contained in the black stripes to generate Bezier curves (ahem!) that look like a tree, hence the name bar-code plantation 🙂 [via swissmiss]

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