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Visualize Excel Salary Data & You could win XBOX 360 + Kinect Bundle [Contest]

Excel Challenges - 26 comments

Its contest time again! Put on your creative hats & bring your Excel skills to the game.

Analyze more than 1900 survey responses & present your results in a stunning fashion, and you could walk away with an XBOX 360 + Kinect Sports Bundle (valued at $299).

Sounds interesting? Read on.

The contest

  1. Step 1: Download Excel Salary Survey raw data.
  2. Step 2: Analyze it and present your analysis using Excel charts (refer to rules below)
  3. Step 3: Submit your output by end of 6th of July (Friday)
  4. Step 4: If your output is mind-blowingly awesome, you could win XBOX 360 + Kinect Bundle

Goals for analysis:

While you are free to analyze the data in any way, your output must meet these goals

  • Help us understand how much Excel professionals make all over the world
  • Help us understand relationship between salary and role, experience, country & hours of Excel work.

How to send your entries

Once you are ready to send your entry,

  1. Check the rules (below) and make sure you have followed all of them.
  2. Email your workbooks to chandoo.d @ gmail.com with subject “Salary Survey Contest
  3. Please include your name & best email address(es) so that we can reach you if there is any clarification needed.
  4. Please send in your entries before end of 6th July (Friday).

The Rules

  • You can make a dashboard or 1 page report
  • You can make several individual charts (or tables) too as long as they all fit in to one window.
  • You can make interactive or static charts
  • You can also use VBA to add interaction to the charts.
  • Even though you can use add-ins to make your report, user should be able to view your output without installing any add-ins
  • You can use Excel 2010, 2007 or 2003. Please note that this contest requires use of Excel.
  • You can submit more than one entry.
  • Your files must be unlocked & any macros you use must have enough comments so that others can learn.
  • You can add data to this dataset (for example, PPP adjusted salaries, established salary benchmarks from public sources like govt. databases or websites)

The Prizes

The winner of this contest will receive 1 XBOX 360 (4GB) + Kinect Sports bundle (valued $299).

We have 2 consolation prizes too. For the 2nd best entry, you get a Amazon Kindle Fire

and for 3rd best entry, you get a Kindle Touch ($99 option).

So there you go. 3 gorgeous gadgets up for grabs.

Excel Salary Survey - Prizes

Note: Since prizes are delivered thru Amazon.com, in case they cannot ship the item to your location, you will be offered $ amount.

How do we pick the winners?

Once all the entries are received, then we will open voting.

  1. All entries will be published on Chandoo.org and you can vote for winner.
  2. A panel of judges (names to be revealed later) will also vote. Judges votes carry higher weight.
  3. The entries with highest votes will be winners.

PS: If we get a lot of entries, we may eliminate a few during voting stage.

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and download the data. Start exploring and share your results with us.

Need some inspiration?

Check out past contest result pages to get some inspiration.




Hello Awesome...

My name is Chandoo. Thanks for dropping by. My mission is to make you awesome in Excel & your work. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. When I am not F9ing my formulas, I cycle, cook or play lego with my kids. Know more about me.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Visit Excel for Beginner or Advanced Excel pages to learn more or join my online video class to master Excel.

Thank you and see you around.

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26 Responses to “Visualize Excel Salary Data & You could win XBOX 360 + Kinect Bundle [Contest]”

  1. Karine says:

    Cool! Will be my first contest here.

    Thank you Chandoo! You can't imagine how you are helping me in my daily job. Literally making my boss WOW. Thank you!

  2. Luke M says:

    For ID0477, should we take the "Your Salary" field as is, or should we assume an extra 0 was added? Not to diminish the individual who responded, but over $1M annual salary for Accountant seemed high.

    Other liberties I'm taking with data is to capitalize all country names and I combined "Vietnam" with "Viet Nam".

  3. Fabrice says:

    Chandoo, Excellent idea, but at first glance, the dataset needs a lot of cleaning. Actualy what I have seen rises many questions about the coherence of data.... we might end up comparing oranges w/ apples.

  4. Chandoo says:

    @All... I have cleaned the data (but retained original values in Your Salary and Country columns). You can do further cleaning if you want. Or else, just use the columns clean Salary, Salary in USD and clean Country.



  5. Nadeem Shaikh says:

    Thanks Chandoo for cleaning the data.

    As stated in the raw data, Experience data is not available for first few hundred rows. Should we just assume they have NIL Experience & analyze data accordingly or should I put some Random numbers there so that Experience data can be analyzed for everyone.

    We can't just take Expereience data for some surveys & leave for rest of them.

    • Chandoo says:

      Good questions. For the experience analysis, you can exclude the first few hundred rows. If you are feeling adventurous, you can interpolate the experience numbers using salary figures by seeing how much experience others had for similar salary in similar country. But that might be very complicated.

  6. Lubos says:

    Ha, this is a nice challenge. Let's go to work! I'm about to join this contest.


  7. Thomas says:

    I really like the look of this Chandoo. Each individual variable adds another dimension to the analysis and you can look for some really original links. The data has gaps and perhaps even mistakes, the hurdles a good analyst has to overcome every day. I would be careful to not just focus on the data content but also the presentation as there is nothing better than a really interactive worksheet. If I find time at work I might think about entering! 

  8. Ron says:

    Clarification, please, is this correct: It appears from the data that the salary information was answered inconsistently. It seems some people gave their yearly salary even if they worked 1-2, 2-3 or 4-6 hours per day on Excel. It looks as if the others tried to calculate how much of their salary was earned from the time actually spent on Excel.

    If so, it makes it very difficult to get an accurate salary calculation.

    Thanks for your help!


    • Chandoo says:

      The salary is for entire year for the role they do. The number of hours worked on Excel is just another information. I know there are some variations in the numbers, but lets go with the data assuming this.

  9. Jova says:

    Hi, chandoo
    When I am making dashboards, I always wonder: What is a good size for a dashboard? One screen of course, but I normally work on a 21 inch screen, and I have a hard time making it the right size for laptop viewing. Do you have any tips on that?

    • Hui says:

      There is no simple answer to that
      The size of the dashboard depends on how it is being presented
      + On Screen
      + Projector
      + Hard Copy
      You need to size the dashboard, components and fonts etc to suit which type it is
      On screen/Projector will generally use larger fonts
      A lot of older or very portable projectors are still 1024 x 768 pixels and that limits you a lot.

    • Luke M says:

      I'm going with a fits on 1 page of 8.5x11" paper rule myself. Might be a little stringent, but as I too have a large monitor, it helps me be considerate of others who don't. =P

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  11. kdibai says:


    When is the end of 6th July for you? Or which time zone should we consider? 

  12. Vasim says:

    Hi Chandoo, most of us are working professional, and get some extra time only of Saturday & Sunday, keeping this in point, I would request you to extend the deadline till Sunday....so that we have some time to produce the dashboard.

  13. Chandoo says:

    @All.. please note that I have extended deadline for submission until Sunday Midnight (12:00 PST) for this contest. You may want to hurry up as we have more than 50 entries so far.

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  16. Stef@n says:

    Hey Chandoo
    when can we expect the results?

  17. Chandoo,
    When can we expect the qualified/selected submissions on your blog?

  18. Chandoo says:

    @all.. thanks for sending in your entries. I am processing them now. Lots of interesting and fantastic options there. I will post a sneak-peek this week and publish the entries for voting next week.

  19. Akash Khandelwal says:

    hie chandoo

    wait  4 d results is rather decreasing the excitement...
    ny updates on it. ? 

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