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Emote your customers

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After several days I went to TV room today. Needless to mention that I spent most my time watching ads on the box. That’s when I realized the change in most of the advertisements. First there was Avenger (ok, not exactly first) and then 2 other auto majors followed the suit with Maruti’s “Boondon mein kya naya hai” campaign and then Safari Dicor’s reclaim your life campaign. All of a sudden brands started speaking about emotional benefits big time. Since Indian ad-scape hasn’t really explored the emotional side of the consumer earlier (most popular exceptions include TITAN, Bajaj Coporate Ad etc.) these new ads are coming up with lot of creativity and incredible execution.

Let me dig deeper and talk about 2 such ads. Initially I thought emotional benefits are generally more significant in case of possessions (like gadgets, vehicles, jewelry etc.). But the advertisers are proving me wrong with literally everything including FMCG jumping into the bandwagon.

Sar Utha Ke Piyo:

The new campaign of coke starts with scenes where people raise their head (a symbol of pride in many cultures) to do something or other. In the backdrop we hear lines describing the situation. Then Aamir takes over and says, “We raise our head to drink coke. Sar Utha Ke Piyo.” Even though the ad doesn’t talk about any of the other reasons for which we drink coke (like taste, situation, association, price etc.) and significantly deviates from its previous positioning of “equating water/thirst with coke” the ad is successful in generating good retention because of its sheer creativity and execution.

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Chodna Mat:

Mirinda is successful in making another ad depicting people obsessed with the orange taste doing literally anything to have a taste of the drink. The campaign depicts a person trying to suck various orange objects like basketball, dress tag, flowers, cars, ping-pong ball etc. Finally a mirinda bottle is shown with the person sucking the last drop from it. Well, the ad is not exactly playing on emotions. But then it’s a border case.

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In the end:

In an altogether different area creativity assumes a new meaning with Hutch’s “chhota recharge” ad talking just about what is needed. The ad probably beats all the creativity in the MSM by showing a man talking directly about what the offering is, how its useful and what are various options available. Distinctly different from other hutch ads, this ad uses Hindi and talks directly to the people who would really care about lower recharge options. Must say, a perfect example of purple cow.

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