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My friend calls me "anti-bloggers, pro-iipm, pro-information secrecy dude", but …

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I must be the most insensible and stoical blogger around, for my post on High High Fee Yumm! and the latest controversy on it has taken years to come. But anyway, I believe that blogging is just a hobby for me and hence I pursue it at my leisure to my pleasure. Without making any further noise,

Issue: The whole issue on the said institute and the controversy that cropped up has been tracked and recorded by various bloggers. Check DesiPundit | Gaurav | Kaps | Technorati

My Views: I am not a great supporter of the institute or anything like that. But I feel that whatever opinions or the negative stereotypes that we have about the institute may not be valid. For one I was taken aback just a few days ago when I came to know that a certain publication called Business & Political Weekly or something like that is published by the same institute’s dean. We (a couple of friends) found the magazine to be really good and informative. It may have syndicated content, but the quality of content is really good. The point is: lot of us seems to have an opinion formed even before knowing what we are opining about (that includes me).

Now that I have a fairly justified attitude towards the institute, let me come to the point of articulating views in public. Well, no doubts, I believe in public speech and individual freedom. But I also feel that (may not really coincide with anyone else’s feelings) when you know that whatever you say will be taken at its face value by a considerable chunk of people and used to form opinions since either they lack the information or they have huge trust on you then you should be little more careful about what you are saying. Its not about courage, it about fair evaluation of things and talking about both sides of the point. Personally, I form some opinions based on the country’s top bloggers’ posts and I guess so does many others.

In the end: Well, I wholeheartedly support the cause of Gaurav and Rashmi and other attacked bloggers and am raising my voice to say that we as a community of bloggers deserve the right to say what we feel without being harassed about doing so.

PS: For my regular_non_news_seeking_and_hoping_to_peek_into_mylife readers: Will come up with a post on Gurgaon Memoirs soon.


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