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Bas Dimag Lagao!

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Reliance Mobile’s latest Bas Button Dabao is an excellent example of how brand managers sometimes under the heavy influence of a stylish tagline/product name forget the important thing called “relevance”. I have been using Reliance mobile for almost 2 years and I can tell you that it is not so simple to access ringtones/cricket updates or anything else in Rworld. Why I think the ad is a miserable failure:

– Doesnt convey how to use Rworld. Neither using Rworld is this simple nor it is applicable to all handsets. If the objective of this communication is to increase the usage of Rworld then I guess the campaign missed it by miles.

– “Bas Button Dabao” is almost true for any mobile operator providing internet in mobile. After all the phone has only buttons 😀

– The ads themselves are highly uncreative and made in a very bad taste. Especially the one where a father goes to school and disturbs his child to know how to “dabao” the button

Image: Reliance Infocomm



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