How to get percentage of something calculations in Excel Pivot Tables

Ever wondered how to get percentage of another value in Excel pivot tables, like this:

percentage of another value in Excel pivot tables - profit loss statement style calculations - excel pivot tables

In this tip, learn how to create such calculations using Excel pivot tables.

Note: this tip is not compatible with older versions of Excel. If you are using Excel 2007 / 2010 / 2013, then please install free Power Pivot add-in to create measures.

Step 1: Create a data model pivot table from your data

Let’s say you have some ledger entries data like this, in a table named data:

sample data - ledger entries - excel pivot table example

Go to Insert > Pivot Table and create a data model pivot table from this. Make sure you check “Add this data to the data model” option.

add to data model option excel pivot tables

Step 2: Create a measure to calculate percentage of another value in Excel pivot tables

Now that we have a data model pivot, you can add measures to calculate various interesting things. Let’s create a measure to calculate the amount as a percentage of sales. To do that, right click on table in fields list and click on “Add Measure…” option.

add measure option - excel pivot tables

Write below measure:

=SUM(data[Amount]) / CALCULATE(SUM(data[Amount]) , ALL(data), data[Category]="Sales")

And click ok. Now your measure has been created. Add this to the pivot table values area and you can see other values as % of sales. Cool no?

How does this work?

There are two parts in this calculation.

    • SUM(data[Amount]): gives the total amount for the category / sub-category in the pivot table row
    • CALCULATE(SUM(data[Amount]) , ALL(data), data[Category]="Sales"): calculates the total amount for “Sales” category by first removing filters on the data table { ALL(data) part } and then setting a filter with data[Category]=”Sales”

If all of this sounds like Greek and Latin, then check out my excellent introduction to DAX page first. You will learn how DAX works with simpler examples.

If you want to show the percentages only for non-sales category:

then you can use below measure definition:

sum(data[Amount]) / CALCULATE(sum(data[Amount]), all(data), data[Category]="Sales"),
blank()), blank())

See all this in action – Video tutorial on “How to calculate percentage of another value in Excel pivot tables”

Check out this short video to understand how to create your percentage of sales measure in Excel.  You can also watch it on Chandoo.org YouTube Channel.

Download percentage calculations pivot table example

Click here to download example workbook for this tip. Right click on the measures and select “Edit” to see the DAX formula.

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Pivot much? What is the coolest pivot you have built

I build pivot tables every day, even on those unfortunate days when I don’t get to work on Excel or Power BI (yes, I build them in my mind on those days, you silly). They are powerful, useful and essential.

What about you? What is the coolest pivot you have built? Please, pretty please, do tell me in the comments. Off you go.


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    How to get percentage of something calculations in Excel Pivot Tables

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