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Last day for enrollments – Join our Power Pivot course & become awesome analyst



Hi folks,

I have a quick announcement & an awesome Power Pivot technique to share with you. First the announcement.

Only few hours left to join our Power Pivot course…

As you may know, I have opened enrollments for our inaugural batch of Power Pivot course few days ago. The aim of this course is to make you awesome in Excel, Advanced Excel, Dashboards & Power Pivot.

We will be closing the doors of this program at midnight, today (11:59 PM, Pacific time, Friday, 15th of February).

If you want to join us, click here and enroll now.

How many people have joined the class?

At the time of writing this, we have 195 students enrolled in Power Pivot class. We are eager to share Power Pivot knowledge & techniques to as many more of you as possible. So go ahead and join us because you want to be awesome in Excel & Power Pivot.

5 Important things about the Power Pivot course

Hurry up, Enrollments for Power Pivot online classes closing in few hours - Join now1. This course is self-paced

That means, you can access Power Pivot & Excel lessons from anywhere at any time. You can pause, repeat or skip lessons as per your needs.

2. You will get a course completion certificate

At the end of the course, you will get a e-Certificate showing that you have completed online course on Power Pivot. Use it to show off or claim reimbursement from your boss.

3. You need Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 Pro Plus

To enjoy our Power Pivot course, you need either Excel 2010 (any edition) or Excel 2013 Professional Plus or Office 365 Professional Plus Editions.

However, to enjoy Excel School alone, you just need Excel 2007 or above.

4. Guest lessons by Rob Collie & Ken Puls

2 of the finest & most awesome people in Power Pivot world have agreed to share their wisdom, wit & way of doing things with us. Rob’s topic is “Power Pivot Magic Show” and Ken’s topic is “Power Pivot for Accounting & Financial Analysis”. Mouth watering stuff…

5. Special Bonuses

I have struck a deal with Rob Collie’s publishers to bring you an e-book edition of DAX formulas for Power Pivot Analysts – the definitive guide on Power Pivot measures & calculated fields. You will be able to download your copy once you join the class (download link will be available after we discuss DAX formulas in the class)

Apart from this, there are more bonuses – special modules on Excel, SQL & Dashboards, cheat sheet on common DAX formulas and so much more…

When will be the next batch of Power Pivot course?

As this is the first time we are running a power pivot course, I am expecting to spend a lot of time fine tuning the lessons, answering student doubts & thinking up creative ways to use Power Pivot.

I am hoping to re-open Power Pivot class again in July this year. But I may delay it if needed.

So sign-up already.

How much time I’ve got? – Count down timer using Power Pivot

We are going to close the enrollment window at today midnight (11:59 PM, Pacific Time – Friday 15th February).

Since we are talking about Power Pivot here, I thought it would nice to make a Power Pivot table that tells how much time you have when you select your city (or a nearest one).

Power Pivot course - Closing times by city - made with Power Pivot of course

How is this made?

Using measures obviously.

  1. First I downloaded city-wise closing times by using timeanddate.com site (here)
  2. Then, I added this data to Power Pivot.
  3. Next I created few measures:
    1. time now: for current time (in user’s computer),
    2. time left-internal: difference between city’s closing time and time now
    3. time left: formatted version that shows time left in “xx.x hours left” format.
    4. time left measure uses IF formula to show different text based on how much time is left.
  4. Added a slicer for cities and bingo!

Download this example power pivot workbook

Click here to download the workbook.

OR see demo here (if you do not have Power Pivot yet).

Thank you…

Thank you so much for your generous support to our newest course. I am so glad to see so many enthusiastic professionals from all over world join us to learn Power Pivot. Thank you…

PS: Go ahead and join us today, because you want to be awesome.


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4 Responses to “Last day for enrollments – Join our Power Pivot course & become awesome analyst”

  1. Denise Embry says:

    How experienced in Excel do you have to be to join this class? I am familiar with pivot tables, but have wanted to take your excel school first. Would it be to my benefit to enroll in excell school first then take this course when it is offered again, or would this course alone be beneficial. I use pivot tables daily

  2. LeonK says:

    I would like to offer my personal opinion so that you have more to base your own decision on.  I would strongly recommend Excel school first.  You will gain a thorough knowledge and develop a finer understanding and control of data.  This fully expansive foundation leads to you being able to create complex dashboards as well as enhanced pivots. 
    If you wanted to save money, in the long run, buy both together and do each when you have time. Initially, I needed dashboards, thinking I knew enough about Excel.  However, I bought both, at a discount.  As a result, I re-structured every process I did at work with my new 'chandoo' knowledge and am now regarded an expert (Chandoo's PSQT blog also greatly assisted with this).
    I should explain that I use Excel for everything, drawing source data from SQL Server databases.  It is therefore not surprising that Chandoo schools should have such an impact on my personal circumstances.
    Hope this helps a little Denise.

  3. outlr says:

    i will sorely recommend my friends to use this site.

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