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Learn how to create these 11 amazing dashboards



Today lets talk about how to build world-class dashboards.

What is a dashboard?

Dashboard reports allow managers to get high-level overview of the business and help them make quick decisions. A dashboard is usually a one page report that contains critical information for decision support.

How to make dashboards?

Excel is an excellent tool to make powerful dashboards that can provide analysis, insight and alert managers in timely manner. But creating a dashboard takes a lot of skill & practice. That is where a resource like Chandoo.org comes handy. In this site you can find more than 200 different dashboard examples, tutorials, samples and downloads – all designed to make you awesome.

A step-by-step approach to dashboards

Creating a dashboard is a time-consuming, tricky and intense process. To help you guide thru this process of envisioning and designing a dashboard, I have created 2 online courses – Excel School & Power Pivot class. In these courses, you learn how to,

  • Structure data (using tables, data connections & SQL)
  • Analyze data (using features like formulas, DAX measures)
  • Gain insights (using features like charts, sparklines, pivot tables)
  • Interact with reports (using slicers, form controls & VBA)
  • Present results (by making amazing dashboards)

What dashboards?

In our course, we show you how to create dashboards with 11 different examples. The dashboards you will learn are (click on any image to enlarge),

Small Business Dashboard

Excel SchoolSmall Business Dashboard

Skills you will gain:
Dashboards that change every month • sparklines • tables • conditional formatting alerts • layout

KPI Dashboard

Excel SchoolKpi Dashboard

Skills you will gain:
KPI reporting • dynamic charts • Showing more in less space • layout techniques

Website Dashboard

Excel SchoolWebsite Dashboard

Skills you will gain:
Layout techniques • mixing different formats • dynamic charts • using color & contrast

Website Dashboard – 2

Excel SchoolWebsite Dashboard - 2

Skills you will gain:
Layout techniques • analyzing lots of data • using color • mixing charts

Real Estate Dashboard

Excel SchoolReal Estate Dashboard

Skills you will gain:
Using maps • automating with VBA • advanced charting

On Demand Details Dashboard

Excel SchoolOn Demand Details Dashboard

Skills you will gain:
VBA with charts & cells • conditional formatting • in-cell charts

Sports Dashboard

Excel SchoolSports Dashboard

Skills you will gain:
Picture links • using color & layout intelligently • advanced formulas & in-cell charts

Simple Kpi Dashboard

Excel SchoolSimple Kpi Dashboard

Skills you will gain:
Simple layout • conditional formatting • quick dashboarding

Employee Dashboard

Excel SchoolEmployee Dashboard

Skills you will gain:
Using tables • conditional formatting • working with calendars • layout techniques and VBA

Store Performance Dashboard

Power Pivot ClassStore Performance Dashboard

Skills you will gain:
Using DAX measures & pivots • slicers • conditional formatting

Product Performance Dashboard

Power Pivot ClassProduct Performance Dashboard

Skills you will gain:
Using DAX measures • Show / hide slicers • Advanced charting • Advanced DAX measures

Join now to learn…

We have re-opened our online classroom this Monday (10th of February) and more than a 100 analysts & managers have already enrolled in these powerful, practical and detailed courses. As you are reading this, they are learning how to do awesome things using Excel.

Click here to know more about these courses & join.

What do our students say about the class?

Oh they just love it. But don’t take my word. Read the testimonials:

The progression of the lessons and methodology used to teach the courses is fantastic. Chandoo has put together comprehensive Excel material that is easy to understand and clearly provides all students with the skills to be an advanced Excel User. Thank You!!
– John Geiger
Shows you how to deal with real life problems and how to solve them in a practical way.
– Johan van Dyk
The tone of the lessons are very warm and welcoming. Agreed that it’s a recording, but the overall packaging of the recording (voice, narrative, examples etc.) making it very inviting/approachable and relaxed. The end result is a rich learning experience. I really cannot acknowledge enough the quantum leap that is happening due to going through your online classes. Fantastic! I am yet to complete more than 50% of the courses. I will be downloading all the lessons soon and will be enjoying learning from them over an extended period.
– Prashant Amara

More testimonials & love letters.

So go ahead and enroll now. Learn how to make world-class dashboards & reports using Excel.

Click here to join our online class on Excel & Power Pivot.


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11 Responses to “Learn how to create these 11 amazing dashboards”

  1. Krishna Raghunathan says:

    Wow..some of the dashboards you've created here, I had no idea could be created using excel. Thank you for sharing such in depth information. Will be visiting back to learn more.

  2. […] Learn how to create these 11 amazing dashboards […]

  3. Zilla37 says:


    Can I download the above dashboards?
    I would like to try some out?

  4. Brenda says:

    Fantastic dashboards!

  5. […] some inspiration? Go to Chandoo’s blog for some awesome examples of Excel […]

  6. tomas says:

    Hi Chandoo,
    I am a big admirer of your work for a while now as well as used tips and tricks for my work as a data analyst.
    I really like these dashboards you've done. My question is how to be able to download the source files? are they available in the excel school?
    My other question is: with relevance to Dashboards which course would take priority? Excel School OR Power Pivot class??? (I can only take 1 at the moment)
    Kind regards, Tom.

    • Chandoo says:

      @Tomas.. thanks for your love and appreciation of our work.


      1. Yes, all these workbooks and detailed tutorials can be downloaded from Excel School program (except those marked as Power Pivot class)
      2. For Dashboards, go for Excel School + Dashboards program.

      Please visit http://chandoo.org/wp/excel-school/ to sign-up.

  7. Tayfun says:

    Hi Chandoo,
    I have to say really useful webpage. I have a quick question. I have just build a dashboard but I stuck we a small problem.
    In my dashboard I have a slicer with week nr. When select in slicer a week nr for example week nr 5 like to have compared with week nr. 4.
    Current week 10
    Chnage vs Previous Week 5 -50%

    But I am not able to get the last weeks figure. Can you help me ?

  8. Hafeez says:

    I've used sumproduct(subtotal(....)) formula on dashboard to dynamically calculate values form a table, by applying filters to the table on sheet2. I need to have filters(dropdown values of filters) on the dashboard, in order to avoid going to sheet2 for applying different filters and instead select a values from dropdown list and it automatically filters the related column in sheet2. I can share the sheet, anyone plz help me.

  9. Mike says:

    Very Awesome!

    Please keep me updated of new excel and PowerPoint newsletters and tips pls

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