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Starting this week I will post cool infographics from around the web, 4-5 of them a week to inspire , to give more ideas on presenting information and to provide some eye candy for awesome readers @ Pointy Haired Dilbert.

Go ahead, click through these awesome graphics:

California Walkability Score Heat Map

Lee Byron took the Walksocre for california locations and highlighted them on the map to generate this beautiful infographic. [via flowingdata]

Mozilla Firefox vs. Internet Explorer Security Incidents – Cool Square Pie
firefox vs. internet explorer grid pie chart, simple yet effective

This chart is nothing but a square pie chart (or totally defragged partition chart), effective, easy on eye and tells one point as Seth Godin suggested 🙂 [via coolinfographics]

Who owns the land in US?
who owns land in each of the 50 states : land owned by federal government highlighted

This map shows % of land owned by federal government vs. total land for each state in the US map, pretty cool even though it could be difficult to immediately interpret anything due to varying areas of each state.

Fine to you if your pants sag
fine to you if your butt shows in the saggy pants

This is not entirely a chart, but uses the ideas to tell people how much they will be fined based on their how much their pants sagged. Pretty neat 😀 [via Publication Design]

Visualizing Large Text Data – The trick is in colors
visualizing large text data, colors do the trick

The biggest challenge of the Petabyte Age won’t be storing all that data, it’ll be figuring out how to make sense of it.

well, we are fortunate to have people like Martin Wattenberg who thrive to get the meaning out of all those petabytes. [via FlowingData]

Hope you enjoyed these charts 🙂

Have any neat infographics / charts and want them to featured on this blog?
Drop me a comment or email me at chandoo [dot] d [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Extract words from sentence using FILTERXML - formula tip

#awesome trick – Extract word by position using FILTERXML()

This is CRAZY!!!. I stumbled on a weird use for FILTERXML() while reading a forum post earlier today. So I couldn’t wait to test it. I am happy to share the results.

Say you have some text (sentence / phrase / keyword etc.) in a cell and you want to extract the nth word. Unfortunately Excel doesn’t have SPLIT() formula. So we end up writing obscenely long array formulas or use gazillion helper columns.

Here is the super sneaky trick. Use FILTERXML() instead.

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