Cool Info-graphics of the Week [Sep 5]

Once every week Pointy Haired Dilbert celebrates the art of chart making by sharing 4-5 of the best info-graphics featured in various web sites. Click here to see the visualizations featured earlier.

Anatomy of a Great Speech – Obama’s acceptance speech at DNC

Anatomy of Great speech - Obama's acceptance speech at DNC mile high

Presentation Zen captures Obama’s symphony like acceptance speech in a graph shown above. Do read Garr Reynold’s remarks.

Tracking Hurricane Gustav a la infographic style

Tracking Hurricane Gustav - Infographics

These days telling a complex story like how a hurricane strikes is made easy, thanks to tons of flash based visualization tools available for news reporters. [via Flowing Data]

How would tell your story if you are aiming to change a habit? – Google Chrome Comic Book

Google Chrome Launch - Comic book infographic

Google has launched their open source browser Chrome. Now this is a very bold step, when millions of people have developed a hobby of using IE or Firefox and pretty much satisfied with them. How did Google tell their story of new browser and created a need for it ? By creating a comic book and telling every one how browsers work, about memory leaks, garbage collection, UI design. Very effective.

More Olympics visualizations – News paper comes to life and tells impressive stories

News paper infographics - olympics atheletics

What would you do when you are revamping infographics department of a leading news paper? Folks at El Heraldo have done a fantastic job.

Sony Walkman Subway map advertisement

Sony walkman sub way map advertisement

Okay, this is not infographic, but it is a very creative way to tell that Sony Walkman is a constant companion no matter which route you take on the metro. Very creative, very effective. I can’t imagine taking metro to anywhere without company or music. [via cool infographics]

Click here to check out other cool infographics. 🙂


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