Nike’s new “my better is better than your better” ad kicks a$$

Posted on March 15th, 2008 in advertising , america , business , ideas , media - 0 comments

Wow, I am impressed by the new Nike commercial “my better is better than your better | my power is more powerful than your power”. Watch the 30 second spot, listen to the words, arent they inspiring? Doesn’t the ad make you run faster, play harder or just do better whatever you are at.

I must have spent countless hours studying Nike brand and its ads during brand management, ASPM (advt and sales promotion management) classes during MBA, its one of the brands that gives meticulous attention to the messages the ad / promo sends out. Be it the classic tag commercial or the numerous football ads or anything else, they focus on people, their ability to do something above average, their strength and how Nike empowers them. Kudos to the creative team behind this.

PS: watch the 60 second nike “my better…”

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