Chart for wall hygrometric physic (or how to create a chart with custom x axis intervals?)

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Livio, one of our readers from Italy sent me this interesting problem in email.

I would like to prepare an xy linear graphic as representation of the variation of temperature trough a wall between two different bulk temperature i.e. outside and inside a house. This graphic should show the temperature gradient trough the wall thickness. The wall is normally made by different construction materials (different layers, as bricks, insulation, …..) and so the temperature change but not as a straight line with only one slope, instead as few lines with different slopes (see below figure) Calculations are not difficult, and also prepare the graphic also not difficult.

But, I am looking a beautiful solution for x-axis. X-axis should be divided not with constant interval, instead with different length between each sub-division exactly as the different thickness of the wall. This is a correct graphic, because you can show the correct slope of each straight line though each layer of the wall.

Custom X axis intervals in Excel Charts - How to?

Well, I know as much about wall hygrometric physics as cavemen knew about pivot tables.

But I know Excel well enough to know that we can easily create such a chart.

Video – Wall Hygrometric physic chart in Excel – How to?

Although you can create this chart easily, explaining how to do it can be lengthy. So I made a short video. Watch it below.

(Cant see the video, watch it on our Youtube channel)

Download Excel file for this chart

Click here to download the Excel file and play with it. Examine the chart settings & formulas to learn more.

Download XY Chart Labeler Add-in

Click here to download Rob Bevey’s XY labeler add-in. It is really handy.

Do you use fake axis labels?

The basic idea in this chart is to fake x axis labels thru dummy series. I use this technique often, especially when making charts like milestone chart, waterfall chart etc.

What about you? Do you use this technique often? Please share your experiences & tips using comments.

PS: Thanks to Livio for asking this question 🙂


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6 Responses to “Chart for wall hygrometric physic (or how to create a chart with custom x axis intervals?)”

  1. Pankaj says:

    XY chart labeler has been of phenomenal use for me in the last 3 years. Very handy and trusted tool for me.

  2. zurman says:

    Nice tip

  3. pmsocho says:

    The coolest trick in this video was to copy data and paste it into the chart as additional series!!! 🙂

  4. Mwin says:

    Wow! Talking about creative charting...

  5. Pete says:

    This is a great trick. Is there a way to do the same type of thing to the Y-Axis?

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