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Using WordArt in Excel



In 2007 2003 Microsoft introduced WordArt into Excel.

WordArt is a quick and easy to use tool that allows Excel users to add pizzazz to the presentation of your worksheets.

This post is a quick tutorial on the use of WordArt.

To Use

To use WordArt goto the Insert Tab and select WordArt

Select the WordArt style

A WordArt placeholder appears on the screen

Select inside the placeholder and type your own text

Edit WordArt

Select the WordArt object.

Select All the text, individual words or characters.

You can move the WordArt object by dragging it b the edge

You can access the Font size and color, Background color/fill and outline, Character style, WordArt box rotation and many other properties from the Format menu.

This also includes a lot of effects including Shadows, Reflections, Glows, Soft Edges, Bevels and 3D Rotation.

or use the Home menu to access basic text properties

You can have multiple lines within a WordArt object by simply pressing Enter at the location you want to wrap the text

Advanced WordArt

You can link a WordArt Object to existing cell values

Select the WordArt object

In the Formula Box type a reference to a cell eg: =B2

Don’t Forget you can use Symbols and Different Fonts including the Wingding and Webding fonts.

and WordArt objects can also be the button for a macro.

Right Click the WordArt object and Assign macro.


Some WordArt effects can only be applied to the whole contents of the WordArt object, not individual characters or words


Have a look at the Personal Expense Tracker by Bigtaff [Option 1], which uses WordArt and Spreadsheet Formatting to great effect.

Excel Personal Expense Tracker by Bigtaff

at http://chandoo.org/wp/2010/07/16/download-expense-trackers/

Did You Know #1 ?

Did you know that the “Chandoo.org” part of Logo at the top of the http://chandoo.org/ web site was made using Excel WordArt ?

Did You Know #2 ?

WordArt” is correct “Word Art” is incorrect

Look them up in Excel help if you need proof

What have you used WordArt for ? Let us know in the comments below.


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11 Responses to “Using WordArt in Excel”

  1. S23 says:

    I use WordArt to assign macros.. 🙂 It looks cool..

  2. Ajay says:

    WordArt is used for Company Name Heading on the Dashboard. There are lots and lots of options in WordArt. I really liked it!!!!!

  3. Effie says:

    Thanks:) you have just reminded mi about simple object which can easly decorate dashboards. It can be a great button for links.

  4. jayant hushangabade says:

    hello, in M.excel old calculations I cant reactivate macros with new entries.

  5. JP says:

    "In 2007 Microsoft introduced WordArt into Excel."

    I just opened 2003 and found the WordArt toolbar ... ?

    But this is a great idea, I plan to use it to make some graphics.

  6. Tom says:

    Thanks for the reminder. It's kind of funny because usually when I think of WordArt, I think of cheesy graphics, but I guess they do have their place. What would result in a smaller file size: WordArt displaying three words, or a picture with comparable resolution inserted into the file?

  7. WordArt looks cool and easy way to bring text colorful.... Its able to customize the default style?

  8. Francisco says:

    Hola una ayuda si fuera muy amable de contestar estoy en un nuevo proyecto pero tengo
    un inconveniente tengo tres celdas C1 = 1 , D1 = 2 , E1 = 3 .... como hago para activar o
    desactivar mediante un control de formulario excel 2007 casilla de verificacion como hago para
    que muestre esos valores al activar o desactivar la casilla de verificación lo muestres.
    excelente página web ,gran aporte. Espero pronta respuesta thank you very much.


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  10. Douglas says:

    Hello, I would like the file tutorial "personal-expense-tracker-1"

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