Print Worksheets in One Page Across [Quick Tips]

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Have you ever wondered how to print excel sheets in one page across? so that when you print a large excel spreadsheet the output can be read one page after another, as the normal way (instead of reading the output sideways and down)

Of course, we can use the print settings in Excel to do this very easily.

In Excel 2003:

It is a bit sneaky in Excel 2003 and earlier, but totally worth it.

Go to Print Settings, and from “page” tab, set the Fit to “1” pages wide by and leave the tall field blank (if there is a value, just remove it).
Print Worksheets in One Page Across - How to print large spreadsheets using excel 2003

In Excel 2007+:

From the Page Layout ribbon tab, set the width to “1 page” and height to “automatic” to print the worksheet in one page across.

Print Worksheets in One Page Across - How to print large spreadsheets using excel 2007

In Excel 2010, it is even more simpler as you can use the backstage view to tell excel how you want your sheets to be printed.

More printing tips for excel and bite sized yummy excel tip cookies for you to chew.


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11 Responses to “Print Worksheets in One Page Across [Quick Tips]”

  1. L.V.NAGARAJAN says:

    I am not very smart. Only by doing practically I learn.However, thank you very much.

  2. K.Bill says:

    That you so much for this tip. I've always found this site extremely helpful when I am close to pulling my hair out because I can't get Excel to do what I want. This was a stress-saver, for sure!

  3. anupam das says:

    I feel really blessed and fortunate that I discover this site ...all in one solution for all excel problems.....thanks chandoo and all commenters of this page.

  4. Uttam Laisram says:

    Is ti possible to print two small  Excel worksheets having different column formats  in one print page? I have tried many times, but the column width of the two worksheets placed in on epage cannot remain different.

  5. piyush says:

    very very special thank you

  6. Joan Hetland says:

    I am trying to print a spread sheet with Excel 2003. I can't get it to rotate so that the entire text will be left to right not up and down. I tried going to page set up and leaving the "tall" space blank but then it won't let me do anything until a number is entered. There must be a way. Please help me if you can.

  7. azi says:

    Help plz;???? I have exam and I am not sure about these questions answerso.
    1.with out viewing header and footer specify that the page number will be at the bottom of the page using plain number 2 style.
    2.select a graphic file not a clip art.
    3.write page number in margin with out header and footer.
    4.display help document print a file.
    5.my Ms word 2007 shows print layout when I open Ms word. How do I make it normal?

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