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The 1000th Post



The 1000th PostIt is not everyday that a blog boasts of 1000th post. After blogging for 1999 days ie 5 years 5 months 24 days, finally, this is my thousandth post.

While this is not a real mile stone or anything, I want to use this post to say thanks.

Thanks to this blog, I have found passion for working with data.
Thanks to this blog, I am able to share my passion with all of you.
Thanks to this blog, I learn new things almost every day.
Thanks to this blog, I found such lovely audience.
Thanks to this blog, I got so many new friends and mentors.
Thanks to this blog, I am no longer worried about my finances.
Thanks to this blog, I have improved my writing skills.
Thanks to this blog, I have become a better individual.
Thanks to this blog, I wake up with a smile everyday.
Thanks to this blog, I feel connected, compassionate, creative and content.

Thank you PHD.

The next 1000 posts

It may as well take another 5 years before I reach the 2000 post mile stone. But here is what I have in mind for PHD’s future.

  • Make more users awesome in Excel and Charting. That means, more tricks, hacks, formulas, charting tutorials.
  • Encourage guest posts – If there is one thing I am sure about what I know it is “I know very little”. The blog certainly helps me learn new things everyday, but there is so much to learn and there is so little time. Guest posts are a great way to pick up new ideas and new techniques. You will see a lot more of them in future.
  • Have regular polls and contests – I am hoping to launch a poll or contest every month. It is no easy task, but I find the community interaction really good on these types of posts.
  • Write few more “series” posts – may be about financial modeling, small business management, better charting etc.
  • Start a weekly news letter – Our community has grown tremendously in the last 2 years. Keeping in touch with our members has become a difficult task. A news letter (sent out once every week or two) can be an easy way to send updates and share ideas.
  • Improve the forums – The PHD forums have amazing number of discussions on regular basis. My aim is increase the activity on forums by encourage more members to sign up and discuss.
  • Have More Videos and Screencasts – It is far more easy to learn by looking someone do it. Thus you will see more videos and screencast based tutorials in future.
  • Launch few more ebooks and products – I find that having my own products is the best and most effective way to monetize this blog. Over time I am hoping to get rid of the ads on the blog and rely only on revenues from my products.
  • Review and recommend quality excel and charting products – There are several high-quality excel products – from folks like Peltier, Jorge, Stephen Few, Charley Kyd etc. and we all could benefit much by understanding how these products work and how they can help us do more in less time.
  • Start Online Excel Training Classes – I have been making the videos and material for offering online excel classes. The course should start sometime next year. It should be exciting to see how this takes off.

It is not post until you get an excel tip. As usual we eat and drink excel tips. So here is one to make this a really useful post.
Format a number to be shown in thousands

Format a number to be shown in thousands

To format a number in a cell to be displayed in “thousands”,

  • Select the cell, Hit CTRL+1 (or go to “format cells”)
  • From the “number” tab, go to “custom” format to specify a custom number formatting code
  • Specify the code as #,##0, " thousands"
  • Bonus – use #,##0,, " millions" to show numbers in millions
  • That is all.

Thank you once again. Without you, this mile stone means nothing to me. 🙂


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19 Responses to “The 1000th Post”

  1. Martin says:

    congratulations Chandoo!!

    you can count me as one of those you have improved Excel skills, and opened the mind in new ways to think.

    Keep the good work !!!

  2. Venus Childress says:

    Congratulations and thanks for all of the help you've given us along the way. Here is to many more blogs!

  3. Jorge Camoes says:

    Hi Chandoo, congrats on your 1000th post. Both you and Jon are announcing today new ideas and projects for 2010. News from Redmond are also very encouraging, including a better Excel. It seems that stars are aligning to make 2010 a great year for the Excel users community...

  4. Fabrice says:

    Congratulations Chandoo!!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with fun !
    Always a pleasure to read your posts !
    Happy 2010 !

  5. ubique72 says:


    I discovered your blog a few months ago and this is my first posting.
    You rock and so does your blog - keep up the great neigh outstanding work!


  6. Chris says:

    Congrats! Thanks for this week's tip as well. I was trying to figure this very thing out last week. Works like a charm!!

    Thanks again!!

  7. Nimesh says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing such good content
    Merry christmas and happy new year 🙂

  8. Andy says:

    Thanks for all of the wonderful posts throughout the years Chandoo. I'm looking forward to the next 1000!

    MSFT Office Outreach

  9. Rick Rothstein (MVP - Excel) says:

    @Andy... are you the same Andy who conversed with me in the "Find out Thanksgiving date" blog here? This is the URL for the blog entry...


    If so, I was wondering if you had seen my follow up formula for the Boxing Day holiday we "talked" about in that blog? I was curious if that formula worked or not?

  10. Rick Rothstein (MVP - Excel) says:

    @Chandoo... Congratulations on number 1000!

  11. Yogesh Gupta says:

    Hi Chandoo

    Congratulations to you. This is certainly a point to celeberate. Great job.

    Regards//Yogesh Gupta

  12. Gopal says:

    Congrats dude! I am sure you are going to cross many such thousands 🙂

  13. CaPe says:

    Congratulations Chandoo!
    I've only been a member since mid August this year and already I've learnt so much! I love your blog - I no longer feel an excel wallflower.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and the PHD community.

  14. Scott says:

    I have only recently discovered your site and have been impressed by the quantity and quality of the information here. The site really outshines the plethora of books and information already out there covering Excel. And to top it all, you manage to keep a sense of your personality on the site and it never feels like a regurgitation of "Excel for Dummies" or the likes.
    Well done and "Thanks" from us too!

  15. ericlind says:

    You have to add me to the list of people who really learned something from your posts.

    This blog is an invaluable resource.

    Along the lines of Series that you might produce, I would personally be really thrilled if you took some more time out to talk about extracting data from external sources such as SQL, .Net, web pages, etc.

    I think that a lot of what we do in excel is increasingly dependent on data outside of it. 🙂

    Many thanks!

  16. Doug Jenkins says:

    "While this is not a real mile stone or anything"

    More like a kilometre stone! 🙂

    Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

  17. inservo says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    great that you have reached this milestone. Like your tips as they - as far as I can see - always focus on how to enhance the user experience. I especially like the tips and tuts covering chart topics and how to build advanced and user-friendly charts.

    This blog and your updates are like an ideal for me, hope to reach the 50th post on Excel soon 😉

    All the best!

  18. Tim says:

    Keep up the good work! Always looking forward to the next post and more to learn.


  19. annonces says:

    After examine a number of of the blog posts in your web site now, and I truly like your way of blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark website listing and shall be checking again soon. Pls try my web page as well and let me know what you think.

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