Excel school was my Christmas gift to myself

by Jacqueline


I loved the picture of your family in the Christmas email you sent out. I recently entered Excel School. I am self taught in Excel, but felt the need to pay for school because I didn’t think I could teach myself dashboards. I think it would have taken a considerable amount of time to search the web and learn. Since I paid for the whole thing, I thought I would start from the beginning even though I sincerely believed I already knew what would be in those lessons. I was very pleased that I have learned quite a bit in just the beginning lessons. I am going to continue going through each lesson in order. It’s very exciting to me since I use Excel in my daily work, but I also genuinely enjoy the program and feel it is infinite in its uses. Both at work and in my personal life. I’m glad to see there are many people who feel this way also.
Excel school was my Christmas gift to myself 🙂

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to you & your family,