Your awesome site rated

by Nkhoma Kenneth

Hi Mr. Purna Duggirala

Hopefully you are well and doing fine.

it is always a fantastic thing to visit your site and take time to learn all sorts of tricks in excel.

Writing to you and getting a reply from you yourself direct, “the master”-computer scientist is even a pleasure beyond Joy and my feeling is that of like winning a big award in a top most category.

Your site is absolutely awesome and congrats to you the “master” and continue with the same.

I wish to speak out my heart and observation. Amongst all the sites I have come across and solutions, Yours is the best, awesome and always refreshing.

For me personally, the formulas and solutions developed on your site, are standard, unique, easy to follow, and simple to go through.

The formulas I see on other sites or provided by other experts, are far complicated, difficult to follow and understand even though, they arrive at the answer.

I wish to openly declare your site with its formulas and solutions as the number one(1)- site in the world. Just today, I was trying to figure out how to arrange a text string in Alphabetical order, I came across other formulas that are as big and as complicated as covering the whole of India, but once I visited your site, it was simple, standard, precise and easy to follow, then my heart told me to write you one. This is just one case I have picked, there are other circumstances I can point to anyway.

Kindly accept my rating of your site and I’m so thankful and I will always be.

Nkhoma Kenneth