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Personal Thank you

by Jordan Goldmeier


I hope you had a good new year!

I just wanted to write you and thank you personally. My blog has grown in popularity, which would have never happened if you hadn’t taken interest in my work. But it’s really more than that. In February of last year, I quit a rather cushy job at a corporate consulting firm to join a small business headed by one of my former clients. It was a risky move for me (and I’m normally risk averse). But your blog and work were inspiration for me to take the plunge. Nearly a year later, I’m happy I switched companies. I now have more time to develop our Excel dashboard marketspace – as well, I have more freedom within my new company to investigate and pursue Excel simply for the love of doing it! I’ve taken your lead, and tried, when I’ve had time, to help
others become awesome in Excel. I can’t stress this enough: my work and life owes a great debt of gratitude to you and your work.

With warm wishes to you and your family – may this year (and all future years) be even better than the last. The best is yet to come… 🙂

-by Jordan Goldmeier
Option Explicit VBA Blog