99% of what I know I attribute to Chandoo.org.

by Mike McCarty (Msquared)

I love the Walkenbach and Mr. Excel books.

Ultimately I think Chandoo.org is the best of the best, book or not!

99% of what I know I attribute to Chandoo.org.

I present problems on MrExcel, OzGrid and several other sites and the one that always comes through is Chandoo.org. Here lately I hardly ever ask questions on the other forums because I never seem to get an answer.

Luke M. is my main goto guru. No matter if it is VBA, formulas or functions he always has a solution.

I have learned more off Chandoo than any other place I visit.

Right now I am trying to convince my boss to send me to Chandoo’s school’s over the Microsoft Certification.

Chandoo is the best of everything period!

I want to thank each and everyone on this site who contributes and Chandoo for providing this site.


Mike McCarty (Msquared)